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With the development of technology, more and more companies are using online platforms to find new workers of hidalgo county careers. And it’s harder than ever to keep up with these changes! Today, you can’t pass an interview without first mastering a company’s corporate website and social media pages. So how do you keep up to date with what your future employer is looking for? Let this blog post walk you through the top recruiting apps that will help get you ahead in a competitive job market. Don’t worry — we’ll be here for any questions or concerns that come about along the way.

1. Social Media Checking:

A recent survey by Quicksprout shows that 62% of recruiters use social media to find qualified candidates. So no matter what career path you’re on, having a strong social media presence will help boost your reputation as well as provide insight into your potential future boss. Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will show prospective employers your personality and provide insights on how you interact with others in different situations.

2. Maintaining a Professional Blog: 

A study by the Society of Human Resource Management states that 75% of employers now look at an individual’s professional blog before making any decision to hire them. This is because of the different perspectives that blogs can provide. A blog can allow you to make connections with others in your industry, discuss your thoughts on new technology and give your potential employer a personal look into what makes you an ideal candidate. You can even secure a job interview by including a link to your blog in the cover letter of your resume or email.

3. Instagram:

This social media platform has recently become an effective tool for employers to find new recruits. Legally, they’re limited to viewing publicly available information, but this allows employers to search for top candidates based on their interests and location as well as having a good idea of how they communicate with others in person.

4. LinkedIn:

No matter the profession, LinkedIn is a must have for any job seeker. The site has recently been redesigned to make your profile more eye-catching and appealing to future employers. Your LinkedIn page should include information about all of your past positions and skills that you acquired in each role. It should also include a professional looking photo of you, which will help future employers identify and recognize you before an interview is even conducted. Employers are even using LinkedIn as a way to find candidates with certain skills or qualifications. This could be great news for less experienced job seekers as they’re given more exposure to opportunities that they wouldn’t have had otherwise!

5. Facebook:

Studies show that 13.15 percent of recruiters now use Facebook to find qualified candidates. Accurate photos and personal information are the cornerstone to you being viewed favorably on Facebook. Posting regularly on the social network will allow you to stay connected with your current and future employers and help set yourself apart from other applicants. Employers are also using Facebook as a way to keep up with the latest industry news, which will give them insight into how good of a fit you will be for their company!

6. Twitter:

This social media platform has become the go-to site for employers to follow the latest company news and opportunities. You can’t afford to miss a tweet if you want a chance of being hired by this new employer. Be sure to use your Twitter page as your online job application and post as many tweets about your resume, qualifications and any professional news that you’ve recently experienced in your career!

7. Linkedin Answers:

LinkedIn Answers is another great tool for attracting new attention from potential employers. Here, you can post and answer questions in your industry as well as generate new opportunities that you otherwise may have missed.

8. Initial Job Applications:

Now more than ever before, companies are using online job applications to find the perfect candidate for a position. While this makes applying for jobs easier, it definitely leaves room for error! With that being said, make sure to complete the entire application in the most honest way possible — it’s better not to include an entire section if you don’t meet their requirements than to disqualify yourself without even having a chance of an interview!

9. Assessment Tests:

While IQ tests are now considered outdated, some companies still use tests as a way to measure an applicant’s potential. Here at , we adhere to the leading recruitment practices and don’t recommend using any tests that have questions that are too complex or can be answered with simple yes or no answers. As long as you answer each question honestly and critically, completing this test should be a breeze!

10. Interviews:

Last but not least, successful job seekers will always remember to prepare for interviews ahead of time. To help you get ready, check out this infographic from Glassdoor that we created to outline the top 10 things you should know about interviewing!

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