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A lot of startups are using recruitment apps that promise potential employees a personalized review before the company could even be considering them for a position. However, these apps often attract more resumes than they can handle and use methods to pick top candidates through questionable means. This is unregulated, unethical, and can lead to more problems for employers than it solves. It’s important to be aware of recruitment app scams as an employee in the hiring process. What is ssdia logistics manager?

1. They Accept Everyone

The most important red flag to look out for is an app who tells you they will review your resume, even though they have no intention of doing so. Some companies use apps like these to hoard resumes instead of having to go through their own hiring process. These apps promise a personalized review, so people send in their resumes for free with the hope that it will increase their chances of getting a job. However, most of these apps don’t actually set you up with an interview and it takes weeks for your resume to get posted if it does at all.

2. The Personalized Review is Fully Automated

Many companies claim that they will personally review your resume, but are actually only using automated software to do it. Sometimes they’ll even tell you that you could potentially get hired before the interview process even starts. This is another reason why it’s important to find a company that is actually going through the time and effort to fully evaluate each resume before sending them out for an interview.

3. They Have Suspicious Review Factors

Some apps tend to believe that only best-looking people should get a personal review, so they will often only include personal information in their automated review like education, hobbies, and what cars you own. That gives an air of exclusivity and makes people feel wanted when they see their name listed among the ones that have been selected for an interview. They also use words that have positive connotations like “ninja” or “rockstar,” implying that these candidates are special and will be very hard to find.

4. They Have Reviews Created by Humans

Some companies who use recruitment apps claim to have people review resumes, but it often ends up being automated software again. Some of them will even keep their data hidden so you won’t know that they are only using the first two names and last two initials of the applicant’s full name on their resume.

5. The Company Has No Recruiting Process

You should also avoid any recruitment app if the company doesn’t actually have a process in place for evaluating potential employees. This can be done in a variety of ways. If the company claims that you will be hired over the phone or immediately after an interview, they don’t have any actual interest in hiring you. It’s also a problem if they ask questions that are irrelevant to business (excluding hobbies), because they are trying to make you feel like a special case to get more personal information.

6. They Have Inaccurate Data

Look at the way the web site is set up before signing up with any recruitment app. This should provide insight on how much time and effort has gone into creating it. If they are still maintaining the web site after your application, it means they aren’t actually investing any time or money into their app.

7. You Will Only Get a Proposal A Few Days Before Your Interview

You should also avoid recruitment apps if you will only get a proposal to “join our team” a few days before your interview. This means that the company is just using the app for online resumes and not actually looking at each resume for real.

8. They Charge $$$ for Their Service

You should also stay away from any recruitment apps if they ask you to pay to use it even though they offer it for free.

These are just a few of the warning signs that you should look out for when choosing a recruitment app. If you notice any of these red flags, it may be a good idea to look into another recruitment app that is being more honest with you. Hiring a professional recruiter through an app like this can be much more productive because they have experience in finding people for jobs in the past. They can also use their connections to find potential applicants for the position. It’s important to know your worth as an employee and avoid any scams or unethical practices during the hiring process. Hopefully, these tips will help you find a great recruitment app easily.

9. Using Team Building Activities to Decide Your Fate

Losing your job never feels good, but it could be worse. It’s a lot more painful if you lose your job and have no idea why. An article from Quartz suggests that some companies use team building activities to hire new talent. They will often send you to a company retreat where everyone is forced to build trust and bond with one another. In reality, they are testing their employees on how well they can play along with the system in order to see if they’ll make a good fit for the company culture. This will definitely give you the impression that you were let go because of your personality, so it’s important to keep this in mind when interviewing for jobs in the future.







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