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A recent survey by the University of Southern California found that recruiters spend an average of only 13 minutes considering a candidate for emt jobs san diego. That’s just not enough time to make smart hiring decisions, which is why it’s crucial to use recruitment apps to find the best candidates.

1. Finding the right applicants

Recruiting apps use machine learning to sift through resumes and shortlists the ones most likely to be a good match for your job postings, so you don’t have to. You can apply filters that automatically shortlist or short-term jobs, word length or experience level.

2. Meeting candidates in their time zones

If you’re a company with employees spread around the globe, there’s a good chance that some of them are working different shifts to fit with their time zone. It can be awkward for those working in different time zones to chat on Skype or hang out online, which is why recruitment apps often let you schedule interviews for the same day and time as your overlaps.

3. Conducting interviews easily

If you’re reading this, then it’s likely that you’re not a Hiring Manager or Recruiter. And even if you are, you must be busy and will want to use app as much as possible. That’s why apps let you choose from multiple interview formats- from simple text chats to audio and video interviews. You can also record your interviews for future reference and hire top talent with just a few taps of your smartphone.

4. Streamline the recruitment process

Recruiting apps are easy to use and make it simple for everyone involved with the hiring process to collaborate in real time from anywhere in the world. You can share candidate information with your whole team at once, ask for feedback and communicate clearly.

5. Save time with location-based hiring

These days, it’s hard to find reliable employees who aren’t willing to work anywhere in the world. By using the location of candidates to narrow down the number of applicants you will have an easier time finding qualified employees than ever before.

6. Find a great fit for job openings

Using these recruitment apps you can find a great match between job applications and your current open positions. You can filter by skills or titles and ask smart questions about relevant experience that will help you streamline the recruitment process.

7. Learn more about candidates

By using the automated resume analysis tools in recruitment apps, you can quickly learn more about candidates and their skills. You can look for red flags and easily check grammar and spelling, saving hours of precious time.

8. Find the best content for your job descriptions

This feature lets you tailor the job description to each applicant and invite only those who are most likely to be a good fit. You can also remove irrelevant content from each job posting, while automatically including links to things like your company’s website, LinkedIn page or YouTube channel, so you don’t have to manually search and insert them yourself.

9. Hire better candidates

Recruitment apps let you find qualified applicants in a snap, so you’ll spend less time reviewing resumes and more time on the best parts of your job- interviewing and closing candidates.

10. Recruit better teams

Using recruitment apps saves you so much time when it comes to engaging with applicants that you can use those hours to recruit more candidates. You can also use the best ones to find great referral sources, saving yourself a huge amount of money when hiring.

11. Find great talent across the globe

With a few taps on your smartphone, you can quickly search for qualified employees across the globe instead of limiting yourself to local sources which might not be as reliable as they once were. This also saves you a lot of money since top talent is never cheap.

12. Use simple messaging features to communicate with applicants

The communication features in recruitment apps make it easy to quickly send messages, receive responses and share information in real time, so your team can collaborate from anywhere and at any time. This also helps in managing candidates and making faster decisions about who to hire.

13. Improve diversity of candidate pools

Rather than just relying on traditional job boards for your job postings, use recruitment apps that let you find potential employees through social media or web-based applications like WordPress or Blogger, both of which have a huge user base that includes many highly qualified professionals.  

14. Identify lying applicants

One of the best features of recruitment apps is that they actively check the information you provide. For example, many apps automatically cross-check candidate data against social media accounts to see if it’s legit or not. Some will even highlight application inconsistencies and let you know if an applicant has given you inaccurate information.

15. Improve management with reports and analytics

To help you manage your team, these apps offer features like reports that show where your applicants are coming from, whether they’re filling out applications on devices with a high resolution screen or low resolution screen and what percentage of them are re-applying. This kind of information helps you make better decisions about who to hire and how to improve your hiring process overall.


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