Unforgivable Sins Of MIDDLE EAST FOOD

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You can’t be sure if you’ve committed a sin and this article will highlight some of the lesser known ones to help you avoid committing them and receive forgiveness from Allah.

The first sin is eating with meat in your mouth without chewing it enough, then swallowing it. This is also known as gulping your prison food pictures. According to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), this action prevents proper mixing of fluids and nutrients, leading to gum diseases and stomach disorders like diabetes.

Besides that, gluttony is a grave offence that leads to obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, over-eating (more than 3 times per day) and bad temper in addition to lack of patience.

1. The first sin is eating with your hands without first washing, then cleaning them.

What happens? The saliva, debris and bacteria from your hands contaminates the food that you are about to eat. If this happens, you will have swallowed germs and diseases that you have no knowledge of at the time of eating.

2. The first sin is helping yourself to someone else’s food who has already finished.

It is an act that shows disfavour for the person who has already finished his food; it makes him feel insulted and inferior. This acts to show malice against a person whom a Muslim should not show malice towards because he considered Allah to be his best friend (see Surah Yunus:80).

3. The first sin is talking with your mouth full.

When you chew food, it mixes with your saliva and becomes swallowed into your stomach. When you talk with a full mouth, some of the chewed food gets blown out through your nose which contaminates the air around you. If you are in a clean environment, then this will not be much of a problem; however, if the place is polluted already, then it will make the air even more hazardous thereby spreading the germs and diseases around even more.

3. The first sin is watching others eat while feeling hungry yourself.

For a believer, it’s not easy to see someone eat while you are hungry. What happens when you see others eating is that you start thinking about the food and your stomach starts making noises, then you end up eating too.

When hunger starts to take over a Muslim’s mind and lead him or her to commit other sins like stealing or snatching food from others, then this is a sign that he has broken his covenant with Allah.

4. The first sin is drinking without first rinsing your mouth out properly.

This act prevents any impurities from entering your body by bypassing the oral cavity thereby leading to many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease as well as low sperm count for men/infertility for women.

5. The first sin is swearing at people, especially if you are in a position of power.

This act leads to a lot of problems as it shows disrespect to Allah, His religions and His prophets. This sort of behaviour also shows that you have no respect for life and the Prophet (peace be upon him).

6. The first sin is not reminding people of Allah’s mercy and grace at all times, especially on special occasions like Eid Al-Fitr (end of Ramadan), Eid Al-Adhaa (Angel Gabriel’s feast), Ramadan and the last ten days of the year.

This is because Muslims are directed to remember Allah on such occasions, as the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever remembers Allah during Ramadan will have his sins forgiven until he meets Allah.”

7. The first sin is swearing at the angels and they will be cursing you in return.

Due to the closeness that God has with the angels, they feel insulted by being called a bunch of people who don’t know how to worship their creator. So when you swear at them, they curse you and this leads to bad luck.

8. The first sin is not showing Allah’s mercy to animals and treating them badly.

Animals have feelings just like humans, so when Muslims see that an animal has been mistreated and doesn’t get what he or she deserves, they are reminded of Allah’s mercy.

9. The first sin is eating and drinking in front of people at all times of the day.

This act shows off your behaviour by displaying to others how you eat and drink. If you are some kind of person who loves to eat and drink even if there are people around watching, then you will be committing this sin often.

10. The first sin is eating garlic for breakfast, lunch and dinner without being hungry.

People who eat garlic are doing this as a sign of their greediness, over-consumption, sickness and ignorance. This means that they are not following the Qur’an’s guidance that says to eat only in small amounts with great thirst.

11. The first sin is eating by yourself when there are people who need food.

This act shows how you spend your time instead of helping others when they need it most. This can lead to many problems because you’ll end up not feeding others and they’ll start stealing from you undeservedly – just like animals do.


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