Secrets About How To Wear A Hat With Braids Only A Handful Of People Know

hair braid with hat
hair braid with hat

I remember seeing a few hand-braided styles on black celebrities when I was a kid, but it wasn’t until I saw a white girl with her hair done in braids that really got me interested. She wore a red beret, and the combination of the style looked great against her pale skin. Although she was just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary look, her hairstyle made me wonder how to wear this style if you are not black or blonde. Today we explore how to wear braids if you’re not black or blonde. Can you wear a hat with braids? That’s the big question, and we are here to give you the answer. The majority of the women who have braided hair have African or European descent. Their hair texture is coarse, thick and long. If you’re not black with long hair, your braids would need to be longer than your shoulders for you to use them for an elegant hairstyle. 

In addition, if your hair is fine and short, it can be difficult to braid because it can easily tangle and break in the process of braiding. So if you have a short, fine set of tresses, and you’re thinking of braiding, it is recommended that you grow your hair out at least half an hour. This is true whether you want to braid your hair or not. It also gives the braids more body and volume to them, so they will look lovely in any kind of hairstyle. 

If you’re not a dark-skinned woman then wearing braids can be tricky because sometimes when the hair fades from its natural black color to other shades, the braids fade with it–and this ruins the overall look. However there is a simple solution to this dilemma: don’t bleach your tresses all the way down to blonde or white.

Secrets About How To Wear A Hat With Braids Only A Handful Of People Know :

1. Pick Your Style

If you’re using braid extensions and you want to wear a hat with your braids, it’s important to choose the right style. Wearing a beret or a French beret is perfect because it won’t mess up your style at all. In fact, the shape of these hats actually compliments a beehive hairstyle. These hats are also great for covering thinning hair. If you want to wear braids with a fedora, then it is important that you choose one that doesn’t have too much material in the crown area so that there is enough room for your braids.  

2. Give Your Braids a Wash

Most braided styles require that you wash and condition your hair twice using high quality products. You can also choose to have braids done weekly if you prefer to keep your style fresh. Keeping your hair in good condition will also prevent most of the tresses from breaking as they are pulled through your hands. 

If you have very fine hair, then it is advisable to use a wide tooth comb when going through the process of washing and conditioning your hair. This comb will make it easier for the stylist during the process of braiding so that this does not break too many strands of your hair as he or she goes through them, helping to make them look fuller and thicker.

3. Don’t Harshly Wash Your Hair

It is important that you wash and condition your hair thoroughly and carefully so that you don’t damage the strands of your hair. If you’re using a wide tooth comb, then you should also use a gentle shampoo to make sure that it doesn’t cause any breaks in your strands. Any harsh shampoos will damage the hair, making it susceptible to breakage. [Read: How to Grow Out Your Braids]

4. Use A Good Conditioner

It is important to use an all natural conditioner that won’t strip away the moisture in your tresses, causing them to become brittle and break off at the slightest tug on them. If you can’t find any high quality conditioner at your local store, then you could use the same shampoo and conditioner that the stylist used. This will make it easier for your hair to last longer as these are very strong shampoos and conditioners. [Read: Types Of Hair Care Products]

5. Wear Your Braids With a Hat

It is important that you wear your braids with a hat because this will keep them out of the way during all activities. A beret is the perfect choice for this because of its shape, allowing the braids to fall evenly, keeping them in line with everything else. However, if you’re going to wear braids with a fedora or any of the other hat styles, then it is recommended that you use a headband to keep your braids in place.

6. Use a Headband

Even if you are going to use a hat for your braided hairstyle, it is important that you wear a headband as well. This will help keep the style in place even if you decide not to wear a hat. If the beret doesn’t provide sufficient coverage for your braids, then choose one that will help keep your tresses protected and out of sight during social engagements and events.


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