The Biggest Celebrity Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid


Looking like a celebrity can be very rewarding, and we’re all guilty at one point or another of trying to look like our favorite stars. But while there’s nothing wrong with admiring your favorites on the red carpet and in magazines having Chris Farley death photos, there are some key things you need to be careful of when it comes to changing your appearance just for a photo shoot or TV appearance.

In this blog post, we’ll cover what you should do when you have professional photos taken as well as when you’re doing something in front of a camera where perfect looks are necessary. We’ll also discuss how celebrities sometimes make mistakes that they later regret and how they’ve been able to improve their image since then.

1. Be the Best Version of Yourself

It’s not wrong to get makeup done and wear your best clothes if you’re going to be in a magazine or on TV – after all, if you look more attractive than you normally do, it can make you some more fans and make people like your work even better. But at the end of the day, unless that highlights something about your personality or you legitimately feel like doing it for fun (for example, Halloween), stick to being the best version of yourself – this is what makes celebrities so popular.

2. Don’t Get Too Silly

One of the most important parts of looking like a celebrity is taking the time to look like you actually are a celebrity. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that wearing an outfit that looks a lot like one worn by their favorite star will get them closer – but in reality, it’s just silly and doesn’t look as good as they expect. That being said, if it’s just for fun, or you’re going to something that really calls for big costumes, go ahead – just don’t expect it to win you any awards.

3. Don’t Get Self-Conscious

Although the most famous celebrities are often seen wearing outfits that are far from their actual style, it’s actually something to always be thankful for. There’s a reason why people think of certain celebrities as famous – they know how to make themselves look good in photos and get it done professionally. With that being said, don’t get self-conscious about what you wear – if you look like a homeless person wearing designer clothes and an overbearing amount of makeup, then you’re doing it wrong.

4. Don’t Get Sweaty

Sweaty people make a lot of things look bad, but sweat is especially unappealing on a celebrity. There’s a reason why red carpet celebrities don’t forget to put powder in their armpits before putting their best dress or suit on – even if you’re just going to the gym, make sure that you’ve dusted yourself with some baby powder or deodorant.

5. Don’t Wear Heavy Makeup

Heavy makeup looks good in movies and during Halloween, but it’s not something that usually comes across well when you’re trying to look like a celebrity in real life. Instead of trying to load up your face with a lot of makeup and cosmetics, take time every day to make sure you look natural – this is what will give you the shot at looking like your favorite star.

6. Don’t Try Too Hard

You might be thinking that if you try hard enough and get the outfit and makeup just right, you can look like a celebrity – but a lot of the time, bad celebrity looks have to do with people trying too hard. If it doesn’t look natural on you, or like something you would normally wear, don’t expect it to give you that great picture.

7. Don’t Do Anything Illegal

Although we’re sure your favorite celebrities will sometimes do things they shouldn’t while they’re out partying or hanging out with their friends, there’s no reason why you should follow in their footsteps. Celebrities don’t fall into the same category as regular people – they’re not always held accountable by the law or have to go through the same things that everyone else has to. So just because you see your favorite stars doing something that shouldn’t be done, it’s important not to try it.

8. Don’t Follow Celebrity Style

One of the most important things in looking like a celebrity is knowing how to dress properly for an event. If you follow their fashion sense, it might be more beneficial for your wardrobe than if you learn about what works best for you on your own. Celebrity style isn’t always the best, and it’s important to have your own personal style in order to look like a celebrity.

9. Don’t Do Uncomfortable Stuff

If you’re going to do anything that’s uncomfortable while trying to look like a celebrity, then you need to be prepared for how it will make you look. For example, if you’re going to do something that requires a lot of physical activity or requires things that you wouldn’t normally wear, then be ready for people to think you look incredibly uncomfortable.


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