Common Misconceptions About Elizabethton Ice Rink

ice skating 5
ice skating 5

Elizabethton Ice Rink can be one of the best things for your family to do when it gets cold. Many people are hesitant about going skating as they have never tried it before and/or have a fear of falling. Elizabethton ice rink is a wonderful place to have fun, but there are some things you should know before you go ice skating.

There are several misconceptions associated with Elizabethton ice rink where people will usually say they “suck”. This is not true at all. Skaters who have never done it before will sometimes freeze up during the game and get worried about falling and will start to panic so they can fall down on the floor on their backsides. 

Even though it appears these players suck, they are actually very good at skating under the “dogie” rule, which is the fact that only one person can be on ice at once and no one can skate backward. Another thing you need to know about Elizabethton Ice Rink is that it does not stop moving on its own. If you are skating in a straight line and fall, some people will say that the rink did it so they don’t look like a klutz in front of their friends. The third belief is that there are bolts in the ice of the floor to hold it down. They are there, but they are not being used right now.

There are many things that you should know about Elizabethton Ice Rink before your children go ice skating. I would say one to be careful of is that if the rink is very busy and there are a lot of skaters on the lake, it can get very slippery on the ice. Another thing you need to know is to make sure you wear the right shoes to skate in, because some people will say they could skate much better if they would wear their roller skates (which actually should not be worn).

Common Misconceptions About Elizabethton Ice Rink :

1. Skaters will hurt themselves. 

Actually skaters who fall down on the ice will not hurt themselves. Skaters who get stuck on the ice are not being careless and are doing exactly what they are supposed to do, this is not their fault. People just don’t seem to know how to skate in the right way, which is actually very simple and instead of going left or right they should turn their feet in the direction they want to go. If you do this then you will see that every time you move forward your feet are also moving forward and it makes the skater really smooth.

2. I will fall and hurt myself.

There is no need to worry about falling because it is not possible for you to fall and get hurt. When you are on the ice, the floor does not move, so if you are going in a straight line for a long period of time and then all of a sudden turn around, you won’t end up on your back, because the ice is under your feet preventing that. If you keep practicing at home then it will be very easy for your body to adapt to where it needs to go when turning around. The only way you will fall is if something bumps into you really hard or if someone pushes into one another.

3. Big props to the older skaters.

Big props happen when there are 3 or more people skating at the same time, which is commonly known as “dogie”. In doggie, only one person can be on the ice at a time and every skater must skate either in a straight line or in a zigzag. In dogie, it is always important for skaters to make sure they stay in their own lanes because if you get out of your lane then you will come into somebody else’s lane and you will be in trouble because the skater who is not supposed to be skating can’t stop and it will end up being a big crash. 

Big props are not as easy as people think it is because you must stay in your line and make sure that none of the skaters accidentally touch each other. If a skater does touch another one, then that skater will have to come into the middle of the lake, which will take a lot of room away from everybody else. The good news is that even though there are many people on the lake at the same time, everyone still has room to skate because they are doing it correctly and not crashing into each other.

4. The ice will break or melt.

Well well well, if you are new to skating and are going with a friend or your daughter or son, then you should actually not worry about the ice breaking. It is important to know that skating on concrete is actually very hard and it takes years of practice before you can start freaking out about it being broken.

5. I’ll get hurt easily on the ice because there are no rails for my skates.

Be sure that your skates have rubber feet so that you don’t slide around when you stop on the ice. When stopping fast then try to twist your foot to make your foot stop quickly so you won’t fall down.


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