How to Explain Flenix Website to Your Grandparents


Flenix is a movie website with thousands of movies! It’s simple to use, and you can watch as much as you want, even without paying!

Most movies are in a range of languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese and more. There are loads of genres to choose from including comedy, action and drama. Aside from the movie selection there’s still lots more on offer – all this for free!

Flenix movies were created by experienced programmers who know what they are doing. The site uses only legal content so that it doesn’t get shut down by the authorities.

1. How to use Flenix

First of all, you need to sign up, and use your email and password to login! That’s it. Just click on the ‘Sign Up’ button. If for some reason you do not want to create an account, then check out the box near the bottom right. You can just watch a couple of movies each month, or if you’ve got enough free time… no worries!

After signing in, go to any movie’s page (called ‘Movies’ on your homepage). You’ll see a large red ‘X’ button above the movie title. Click on that, and then click ‘Watch Now’. You’ll be able to see the movie in your default video player.

You can also click ‘Cast’. If you click on that, then you can see which actors and actresses are in the movie. And, you can see which other movies they’ve been in!

If you’d like to watch a movie from a specific website, just click ‘Watch on Flenix’. Then use your video player’s ‘Open URL’ feature.

Now the fun part – go check out what other people have written about it over on Reddit or IMDB – then tell everyone about it!

2. How do I add movies?

First of all, make an account by clicking on Sign up! after logging in. Now, click on the ‘Flenix Film’ section and you’ll see a list of movies in the search box. You can add any movies you’d like to watch – no spamming!

3. What are all these numbers and commas?

In order to correctly convert that movie title into the correct link, we used some really simple code. For example, using ‘Jack Reacher’, our code is:

You’ll notice that the # the symbol is in there, and it tells us that this is a movie, and we’re going to watch it on Flenix. (The # denotes to use the default video player).

The ‘ # ‘ after Jack Reacher, is just for identification purposes – so other people know exactly which movie we are talking about.

We also use a few other code tags in our movies’ links such as: “”, “”, “”.

If you click on any of these links, the default video player will start!

4. How can I watch the trailer?

There are two ways to find out about trailers – either by clicking on the little box next to each movie’s name, or by clicking ‘Trailer’. The second option will direct you to the Flenix website’s YouTube channel. From there, you can see all of the trailers they have available. You can click on any of these trailers and they’ll automatically play in your video player.

5. How do I request a movie?

If you wish to watch a film which is not listed on Flenix, you can add it to your own personal movie library. You’ll need to tell the Flenix staff exactly what movie you want. This can be done by clicking on ‘List’.

That will give you all the films (and TV shows) which have already been added to the site. On that list at the top, there’s a box with your username in it. All you need to do is write in any films/shows that aren’t yet available, and then click ‘Add’. Once they’re added, they’ll show up in a few days!

6. Is it safe?

Flenix is completely legal. It doesn’t use illegal content in any way, shape or form. [The legal content is mostly from Youtube, and other websites which are not blocked in any countries – and it includes their copyright notices, which allows us to show their videos on our website].

7. How do I report a link?

If you wish Flenix to remove a page – just send along the URL to them! Just click the ‘Report’ tab at the top – then click the small ‘Send Page’ button. [Don’t forget to enter your own email address as well!] The staff will look into it for you and get back with you in about 5 minutes!

8. How do I report a page or film?

If you see something which you believe to be illegal, then click ‘Report’. You simply need to enter your own email address, and go through the simple little process.

9. How do I contact the Principal Programmer?

For any technical queries, click on ‘Help’ at the top and it will direct you to our Issue Tracker! There are various tutorials on there, but mostly in regards to our database. If for some reason you can’t find what you need there – don’t worry – just send us an email and we’ll help out! [Please remove addresses from your emails]

10. Did we mention that it’s legal?



Flenix is a website with movies and TV shows that you can use for free. All you need to do is sign up! It’s very simple to use, but if you have any questions, just email us. We’ll try our best to help out!


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