The Complete List of Movie Time Dos and Don’ts

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Every movie theater and every single film has a list of rules. Some are helpful, some are not really worth the paper they were printed on, but most are so simple that you wouldn’t even consider not following them. Where is wentworth filmed? However, just in case you were wondering what the rules for all of your favorite films are, here is a list to both complete and foil any remaining confusion that you might have about how the movies work. Just follow these rules and your Mexican Standoffs will be a breeze!

The Complete List of Movie Time are:

1. Mexican Standoff Rules: 

In any situation where someone has a gun pointed at someone else, do not try to be clever and disarm the person without drawing their attention. A bit of advice…shoot the one closest to you first. You will get shot with a lot less lead that way. 

2. Restaurant Dos: 

If you are at the dinner table and you accidentally spill something on your clothes, don’t try to brush it off. This will only add more stains to your shirt and bring unnecessary attention to yourself. 

3. Movie Times: 

Hollywood movies are always 30 minutes in length. Americans expect their movies to be 2 and half hours long, so do not attempt to fill the extra time with unnecessary filler scenes. The best thing to do is to have a movie split into 3 parts. The first part is the shortest and takes roughly 15 minutes, but the audience’s attention will be focused on your movie for that short amount of time. Then, after a short break, begin the second part of your movie which will last another 15 minutes and then you’ll need another short break before beginning your final segment which is also another 15 minutes in length. 

4. The Trip: 

Nothing hurts a movie more than when you’re stuck making small talk with your friends and you have to cut yourself off quickly because it is time for the lights to come up. You don’t want to begin the second half of your movie without the audience’s full attention so get excited whenever the first guests have left the theater. 

5. The Party Scene: 

Nothing says “I’m sorry, I can’t finish my movie” than leaving during a party scene where all of your friends are dancing in a circle and laughing. It’ll seem like someone whose on crack abandoned their friend and no one will want to follow suit! 

6. The Public Bathroom: 

It is always better to wait 10 minutes before going to the bathroom. If you try to go while someone else is using the restroom, they will feel as if you’re taking ownership of the bathroom. This will make them want to beat you up. 

7. Everything Is Fine: 

Don’t finish your film until you are pulling up to the theater exit. You might think that it’s better to leave a little before the end because then you won’t have to deal with ending this film while standing by yourself in the rain. However, movie studios will usually get very angry if they find out that you finished your film in the parking lot and have left without finishing it. So do not put on a coat, use the restroom and drive away until there is at least some amount of time remaining!

8. The Little Lesson: 

Try to cut your film’s ending short. If the final moments of your film are too long, people will feel as if you have finished a whole lot more than you had originally planned. You don’t want them thinking that they have seen a whole movie when it’s actually only half of one…do you?

9. The Longest Song Ever:

There is never a good time to sing in movies. There are different rules for different types of songs. If you sing a love song, it should last between 6 seconds and 1 minute. If you sing a song that is funny or just slightly off-key, no one will really mind a minute and 30 seconds. However, if you get up on your toes and start belting out “La Vie en Rose” no one will be able to finish the movie until you stop. 

10. Make it quick:

If you are shooting a film that is crucial to the world-wide economy (All the Money in the World) do not take more than two days to complete if it can be helped. If you need to produce a film quickly, try to make it shorter. If you have a blank page you can fill in as you go, don’t let your friends finish their lines until the last possible minute or two. You want the audience to think that they are listening to the end of a great movie when it’s actually only half of one!


Don’t try to be funny, don’t try to be clever, and don’t try to be different. Don’t allow anyone else’s moods to get in the way of your movie so you will be able to finish it on time! Enjoy these rules and remember that the use of these rules will make your shooting experience as a filmmaker much easier.


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