Gossips You Didn’t Know About Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana

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Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana is a gossip queen who has not been publicly linked to any relationships and her lifestyle choices have not been confirmed. Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana is a news reporter, author and celebrity gossip columnist. She started her career as an intern at the Daily Mail in London before moving on to start her own blog which became The Gossip Girl . 

She has now graduated from Gossip Girl and is currently in her first book. Kristen Wolf madison indiana has been in the media since the age of 17 and is one of the most popular news reporters and actresses to date. She was born on 27th October 1988 in New York City, New York to David Wolf Madison, an American banker who has worked in a bank and John Wolf Madison, a German and former German citizen. Her English Mother’s name is Julia Madison and she was born in London, England while her father’s name is Daniel Madison. After moving to the United States she attended school at Sacred Heart Academy in Connecticut but dropped out two years later.

Gossips You Didn’t Know About Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana :

1. She has been linked with David Beckham – 

Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana is popular for her fashionable clothes and her beauty too. She was rumored to be dating David Beckham in 2013. According to reports, she was photographed getting cozy with David Beckham in a restaurant in London. There is no proof of the relationship though and she hasn’t confirmed it like other celebrities do.

2.She became the Editor-in-Chief of The Gossip Girl – 

Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana started off as an intern at the Daily Mail before moving on to become a Junior Contributor at New York Magazine and then Editor-at-Large of Daily Mail Online. She is one of the youngest editors known till date!

3.She is known to be a social butterfly – 

Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana has been linked to several celebrities, but she hasn’t confirmed a relationship with any of them. However, there are rumors that she was in a relationship with David Beckham. In addition, there are also rumors that she dated British singer Harry Styles in 2013. People say this because of their physical appearance together in public places.

4.She is an actress – 

Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana made her acting debut alongside Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway in Bride Wars . In 2011, she went on to make an appearance in Family Weekend . Later on, Kristen made her directorial debut with the short film called Pro-Life .

5.She is an author – 

Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana’s first book titled ” I Love You ‘Til I Die: The Gossip Girl Diaries” was released on July 27, 2013. This book is based on her autobiography and tells about her life as a celebrity and the things that she has experienced in her career. It was made available in India by Harper Collins India.

6.She is good at driving – 

Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana has a permit and her driving skills are well known. She also has a driver’s license in addition to this.

7.She is a singer – 

Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana hasn’t released any music single or album as of this moment, but she has said that she wants to be the next Lady Gaga. She also added that she would love to work with Lady Gaga whenever she feels like doing so! Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana is now an author of her own book titled ‘I Love You ‘Til I Die: The Gossip Girl Diaries’ which came out on July 27th 2013 .

8. She was a Varsity athlete – 

Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana played on the varsity squad at Sacred Heart Academy in Connecticut, she showcased her skills as a track runner and that’s because the college has always been known for their varsity teams. In 2009 , Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana was named one of the finalists for the Nike Flight Club Elite Track and Field Program . 

Also, she was one of two varsity athletes from Sacred Heart Academy who were invited by Nike to participate in high exposure events as a part of this program . Photographs from these events were published in Sports Illustrated magazine .

9. She is an only child – 

Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana was born to Julia Winnifred Wolf and Daniel Madison in New York. Her father, who was a German citizen, had moved to the United States after marrying her mother. Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana’s parents divorced when she was one year old, but her mother has stated that Kristen is still very attached to her father and has maintained a relationship with him all through these years . Although she is an only child , Kristen Wolf Madison Indiana loves spending time with her cousins .


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