The Myths and Facts Behind Epoch


In the near future, a worldwide epidemic of unknown origin has decimated humankind. Only clones remain to preserve the crumbling vestiges of civilization, but they have quickly become outnumbered by The Changed – those who will neither reason nor fight, and whose curse is to wander, as mindless as cattle. Unbeknownst to all however, forces are on the move in faraway places that will soon make themselves known of hd dayz epoch mod background.

Clones have been surviving in the post-apocalyptic world for over two years now by using a variety of different skills and resources provided around them: scavenging abandoned buildings for tech and supplies; looting military installations for weapons and ammunition; even fighting one another in order to survive.

1. The Cause of the Outbreak

It is widely agreed that the initial outbreak was due to a toxic algae bloom which caused an outbreak of “The Changed”. After that, an unknown chemical vector was introduced and spread very rapidly across the globe. Humans didn’t evolve in a few hundred thousand years like other animals and plants, as we thought; our lineage is actually more closely linked to primates. The human genome document says we are 50% chimpanzee and 50% Homo Sapiens. Research conducted since The Outbreak has determined that most mutations were caused by a foreign genetic code, introduced with some sort of agent or potential vector.

2. The Changed

The Changed are those few humans who have retained their intelligence and are capable of reasoning. They can distinguish between themselves and other humans, although they often confuse the two. They can learn to speak, although most of them will never have an opportunity to actually do so. It is known that the source of their mind altering agent has been found in the chemical events occurring with major volcanic eruptions in nature areas across the world (the largest being Yellowstone National Park). The Global Catastrophe Act was passed in 2006 after a global coalition of governments (which includes even communist nations) initiated one last desperate attempt to save humanity from itself.

3. The Factions

The groups of survivors you will encounter in Epoch are organized into Factions and they have been fighting each other for survival. These are not just gangs, they are entire cities with their own culture, traditions and history. They have their own agendas; some of them wish to restore society, others simply want power or control but most would rather see the world burn than live in a ruined wasteland. You will encounter several of these factions during your travels in the Wasteland:

4. The Faction Wars

Since the outbreak, various groups have fought, killed and struggled for survival to control all that remains of the world as we know it. Three factions emerged as the dominant power in the post apocalyptic world: The Renaissance Army, The Brotherhood of St. George, and The Order. They have been fighting an endless war over control of civilization. Anyone who is not aligned with one of these three factions is considered an enemy and does not deserve a second thought.

5. The Future

Epoch will be set in 2035 just two years after a massive world wide extinction that resulted from the contamination of multiple volcanic eruptions around the globe. The exact cause is unknown and the only people left are clones with no memory of the past.

6. The Bases

All Factions and groups of survivors have their own bases and strongholds where they store supplies, conduct scavenging operations and prepare for their next battle with other nearby Factions. These will serve as the player’s respawn points once you are killed in action.

7. The Wildlife

The Changed are not the only threat facing our brave new world. Wild animals, mutated by radiation or fed by human corpses have become a constant menace posing significant threats to unprepared travelers in the Wasteland. Observers of the game have reported the appearance of three types of animals in the game, mutated by either genetic modification or radiation. These animals come in a variety of forms and can represent a serious threat to unwary players.

8. The Weapons

Weapons are abundant in the Wasteland, as are ammunition and supplies such as food, water and general medical supplies. All firearms have been scavenged or captured from military bases during battles. Some firearms have been modified with advanced technology while others may still be in their original working state. There is no shortage of weapons within the Wasteland; however they may be unpredictable when dealing with enemy Factions currently occupying them (fragmentation grenades are not recommended).


We have been keeping active members of the media informed about our progress and we have given them a chance to preview the in-game skirmish/tutorial. There are also a couple of screenshots available for use on your websites. We have also created a press kit where you can find answers to frequently asked questions and download necessary assets for your coverage. The kit includes a high resolution artwork, an overview document, player and faction descriptions and an exclusive screenshot.


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