New Thoughts About Mother Base Brig That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

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While the true beauty of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is not relegated solely to its graphics, gameplay, and story, it also has a lot to offer fans of Kojima productions as a whole. Whether you’re a newcomer to the series or someone who’s played all three games in the main series and some spin-offs like MGS2: Sons of Liberty, there’s still plenty left for you to discover in this latest masterpiece from Hideo Kojima. And while we preferred the original control scheme that features dual sticks on PS3 controllers, we’ve found ourselves enjoying The Phantom Pain despite its new control scheme. Mother base brig is certainly one of those sections in the game, and with many people finding it to be a waste of time, we’ll be taking a look at why it is potentially beneficial.

For starters, Mother Base brig is basically a mini-game that allows you to stock up on resources and equipment. With every mission in The Phantom Pain, you’re going to need new items and equipment to keep your soldiers in tip top shape. The best way to get the resources necessary to upgrade their gear is through Mother base brig . It’s essentially a click-n-build system where the player can deploy different types of convoys that can go out into the huge world map and gather items and materials needed for building various equipment for base troops.

New Thoughts About Mother Base Brig That Will Turn Your World Upside Down :

1. Find More Ways To Get Resources

In the early days of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, we recommended you go out and complete missions as fast as possible, but it turns out that you can actually earn resources faster than going out on missions. Mother Base brig is relatively new to the game, so there’s a good chance that players haven’t fully explored everything it has to offer. 

While it’s already packed with interesting goodies, there are plenty of things that are yet to be found that can help players earn tons more resources. We suggest going around and utilizing different strategies and strategies because each mission has the ability to randomly produce different items depending on what kind of resources are being collected on said mission.

2. Use It To Stock Up On Particle Grenades

Particle grenades are something you will use a lot throughout the game, and ultimately for collecting parts for Mother Base gear. In the end, they are just grenades that have been built using parts that have been gathered throughout missions. They aren’t exactly rare to find, but they’re not common either. Surprised by a lot of people is the fact that particle grenades can be found off of Mother Base brig convoys as well. We even managed to get ourselves some in one mission during our playthrough that was completely by chance.

3. Allowing You To Carry More Ammo For Rifles & Shotguns

Mother Base brig gives you the ability to carry more ammo for your rifles and shotguns. In order to do this, all you have to do is re-deploy one of your convoys that’s on its way back while it’s still on the map. Then simply click on it (or even use the d-pad) and select “display munitions”. This will give you a maximum of 100 rounds of ammo for both weapons, completely allowing you to equip your soldiers with as much firearms ammunition as necessary for any situation or mission.

4. Allows You To Sell More Items

There are times in the game where you’ll find that your inventory isn’t enough for all the things you want to buy. Fortunately for you, Mother Base brig gives you the ability to sell those items on board. What this means is that if there’s something that’s not being used on your missions like a different type of pistol or firearm, then it can be sold off to other members of your Mother Base while they’re in need of more items.

5. Increases Your Maximum Security Level

The maximum security level of your Mother Base is required in order to unlock different items, functions and features. By completing the various missions on Mother Base brig, you’ll eventually be able to upgrade your base to a higher level. However, this is a potential strategy where you can raise it to level 18 by simply deploying one of your teams repeatedly. 

After they finish gathering all the resources available, you then return back to Mother Base and sell all their stuff off. This will grant you with a decent amount of money that can go toward buying new items off of Big Boss’s shop at the landing strip as well as upgrading your base whenever necessary.


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