9 Things the Media Hasn’t Told You About Fake News

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Fake News has been a hot topic lately and it’s become widely accepted that it’s dumbing down society. But the truth is that fake news like the aromaku menu is not just a problem, it’s also an opportunity. In this post, I will break down eleven ways to fight back against fake news and promote truthful media.

1. Stop Clickbait

Clickbait is one of the biggest reasons why fake news is so prevalent. Instead of writing a headline to grab your attention, find a way to make it naturally flow from the headline. If you can’t do that, don’t use a clickbait headline. When you have people engrossed with what they’re reading in your headline, people are more likely to read it and then share it if they like it. 

2. Donate to Real News Sources

Stop giving money to the corporate outlets who spew out propaganda and government-funded headlines that aren’t real. Instead, donate directly to non-partisan real news sources like Young Voices  and Snopes . If you’re still in a giving mood, donate to WIRED when they don’t carry an agenda. They publish a ton of real news stories, some of which are hidden by the corporate media and even George Soros.

3. Donate to Real Advocacy Groups

Some of the best websites out there are advocacy groups like The  Women’s March  and Planned Parenthood . Buzzfeed has a non-profit arm called Buzzfeed Democracy Fund where they award grants to nonprofits in need — as well as run their own non-profit presses. The Center for Media and Democracy is also a great one to donate to as they published the infamous “Koch Brothers Exposed” book about them.

4. Join or Start a Real Advocacy Group

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to make change, now’s your chance. Join one of the many protests that are happening now and start organizing for change. While you’re at it, join Young Voices . 

It’s also a good idea to start your own advocacy group. While this is not free money, it might attract others to join you in pushing a cause that the corporate media doesn’t cover. This is especially true if you have some talent in developing viral content.

5. Use Your Social Media Platforms

Cryptocurrency is all the rage now, so you can use it to help real news sources. If you prefer Facebook, share real news articles on your friends’ walls. Both Reddit and Facebook have been censoring many stories lately that don’t fit their narratives, but you can always get around it by sharing to a friend’s account. Also post positive comments about articles that you like on Facebook and Reddit. Try Google Plus if Facebook and Reddit bore you, or use other social media sites like Diaspora , Gab , Minds or MeWe .

6. Customize Reddit

Reddit is an amazing site with over 50k active communities, but the defaults can be a little stale. Instead of going to r/worldnews or r/news , check out more specific subreddits like r/upliftingnews or any other one about your hobby. Even if it’s not news, you’re still supporting real news sources that aren’t controlled by one political party.

7. Share Good News Narratives

Another event that has been happening recently is that many tragedies are being covered by the media without any follow-up in order to push their agenda rather than inform the public about what’s actually happening. Take for example the shooting at a church in South Carolina that was covered by many outlets as an act of terrorism even though it was a white man who did it. Or the FBI shooting that took place two days later and was completely ignored by all networks except Fox News. If you’re in the mood to share good news, use your social media accounts to do that too. Share positive articles about real events and challenge people to find anything negative about them online.

8. Use Your Mobile Phone

If you have a smartphone, put Twitter aside and start using your phone as your main source for news. Google has a simple app for the news called “Google News” that highlights local, national and international stories. If you want to read more about a story, use the Snopes mobile app . This is especially important if you have an iPhone or Android phone because Apple and Google control what kind of news you can see on your phone.

9. Donate to Independent Film Producers

People are waking up thanks to independent filmmakers who are starting to make their own documentaries. I recommend watching The Peace Divide  and Take Back Your Power , but there’s many more out there that are not just making documentaries, but social videos and movies as well.


Real news is out there and it can be uncovered even if corporate media tries to cover up the truth. To find real news, you have to dig deep inside the cracks of their sites and re-inject real news into the system. Start now!


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