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Five Quick Tips For Societal Marketing Orientation

Everywhere we turn, we see companies trying to steal our attention, as if it were a game of chess with pawns. The game has become so aggressive that marketers have developed strategies for every area in which they do business: TV, radio, print media, email campaigns, banner ads, and more. And the tips here are not just for marketing interns or assistants; they’ll help those in senior positions become better-rounded business minder executives. After all… you can’t be a king unless you know how to play both sides of the board! Which of the following strategies is most closely associated with a societal marketing orientation?  The elements of a successful marketing strategy are always changing. The goal is to be innovative, unique and memorable, so you’ll be noticed. Using the data provided by your research, select the most appropriate positioning statement, tagline and product image for a new brand.

What’s your strategy?

New products are being introduced every day with innovative features designed to grab customer attention. These features are great, but in their zeal for success many companies become fixated on them alone and lose sight of other important factors such as market size and competition level. They also forget that marketing is an ongoing process that requires strategy adjustments at every stage of development.

Incorporate a societal marketing orientation into all your marketing activities, in every area of the company, in all areas of the business. It’s a key part of your brand that should be shared with everyone throughout the organization. Be sure to include it every time you address your employees no matter how casual the message is: whether it’s monthly updates on company-wide initiatives or a routine e-mail to let everyone know that there’s been an exciting customer complaint resolution. 

This company is based in Europe, but it has completely revolutionized how cell phones are used by people who live in high-crime areas where people are often afraid to walk out with their phones. It’s called “Mobile Phone Security.” This technology, based on actual phone call data, estimates the likelihood of being a victim of a crime while walking or driving through an area. It then sends that information to any phone user who has downloaded the app.

By incorporating a societal marketing orientation into all marketing activities, in all areas of the company, in all areas of the business, this one will be able to compete and win in online marketplaces as well as on traditional media such as television and radio. This is because even in these digital-only businesses social media is still a central part of promoting new products.

Five Quick Tips For Societal Marketing Orientation :

1. Be innovative. 

If you don’t innovate, how will your competition? From a marketing perspective, think about how your new product or service can improve the lives of consumers. Even better, find ways to improve the way people do things. There’s nothing quite like a perfect use of social media to spread the word about a great new product. As one senior salesman in the aerospace industry said: “Our customers are more connected now than they ever were before, but our market doesn’t want to be.”

2. Be different. 

Don’t try to be “the next big thing” just because there are lots of other competitors and everyone wants your business right now. If you’re going to succeed, your message has to be unique.

3. Be memorable. 

A study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology found that “consumers are more likely to buy a product that they can remember, versus one they have trouble recalling.” If you can’t get your brand into consumers’ minds through the media, give them something memorable in person instead. Personalized service or special promotions are good ways to make a lasting impression.

4. Be innovating and different all at once.

Innovation is another game of chess. It’s not enough to offer something different. You have to do it well. Your innovation must be unique and memorable, while being innovative and different. So, everything you do must be conceived so that your brand uniquely meets a need: should you need help finding new customers? Then give them a better reason to become a customer by offering a rugged phone case for the outdoorsman or an anti-virus app for the computer user.

5. Be rigorous about data collection and analysis

The best marketing strategies are based on data collected from market research, quantitative market analysis, segmentation analysis and other methods of “big data” collection and analysis for both your own company and your competitors. This can enable you to identify new and different ways of selling products and services — or it can make things worse. To avoid the possibility of making a bad decision, you must be rigorous about the data and analysis of any marketing strategy.






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