How Much Do You Know about Tales Of Symphonia Tech?


Tales of Symphonia Tech is a story about the videogame, Tales of Symphonia. This wikia is dedicated to the Tales of symphonia tech gear. You can learn about the things that make it so unique and what it can do for players to help them in battles or just improve their overall experience with the game.

The tech gear is a very unique item in the Tales of Symphonia series. The tech gear can be found in the modern time as well as the past of the game. They are usually found in boss battles or treasure chests. It adds a new way to vastly improve your character with special abilities that are only obtainable by having a tech gear equipped.

What makes the tech gear so interesting and special is that it’s not just another piece of armor or pack or something like that. It basically gives you new abilities and power ups to help you in battles, being able to learn new combos that no one else has access to and ever having access to extremely strong moves with a lot of power behind it.

How Much Do You Know about Tales Of Symphonia Tech :

1. What is tech gear? Where does it come from?

A. ToS Tech Gear is a special item that can be acquired by defeating bosses or found in treasure chests. It’s fun to use and gives the ability to learn new combos or unleash powerful attacks, but the Tech Gear has a major downside… It drains a portion of your TP every time you attack with it equipped, so if you want to keep using them, you’ll need to make sure to keep your TP stocked by regenerating it or attacking with another weapon in between attacks.

2. How do I equip tech gear?

A. You can only equip one Tech Gear at a time, and they can be found in the field or by defeating bosses. You can check the status of your Tech Gear by accessing the “Status” Tab on the main menu.

3. What are my options when I’m attaching tech gear?

A. You’ll have some options for your Tech Gear to do certain things when you attach it to someone, and you’ll want to keep those in mind, especially if you’re using it with a T-Type character, who has even more added effects from their gear.

4. How do I change what my tech gear does?

A. You can do this from the “Status” Tab on the main menu. The default is “No Action”, and if you want to use it as an item, you’ll need to change it so that it’s “Action”. You can also choose what the Tech Gear will do in battle by choosing the option that has three options.

5. How do I take the tech gear off when I’m done with it?

A. The default is “Remove”, and you can change this from the “Status” Tab on the main menu if you want to use it normally, or keep it attached and fight by using your current gear.

6. How do I put my gear on?

A. You can switch your gear by choosing one of the options under the “Status” Tab on the main menu for it to be equipped. You can also equip another piece of gear if you want to give yourself different options from using your current gear, but that really depends on your play style and what kind of damage you do versus what you’re trying to protect.

7. How do I change the properties of my gear?

A. To change the properties of your gear, you’ll have to go to the “Status” Tab on the main menu and choose a different option, like “Add Effect”, “Remove Effect”, or “Add HP”. If you just want to add/remove HP points while you’re playing normally, you can also do this.

8. How can I tell if my tech gear is upgraded?

A. When you equip your tech gear and use it in battle, your Tech Gear will give a stat boost to one of your combat stats at random.

9. How do I replace my tech gear?

A. When you find your tech gear, it will always be the same color as your current gear. You can change this by going to the “Status” Tab on the main menu and choosing the option that has the name of your Tech Gear next to it.

10. How do I level up my gear?

A. To level up your gear, you’ll just have to go out and get some experience. The higher your level is and the more battles that you go through, you’ll see that after every battle, your Tech Gear will gain experience points towards it’s next level. This will be represented with a green gauge underneath your character’s name during battle.


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