Facts About Aboleth Names That Will Make You Think Twice

aboleth names
aboleth names

You know Aboleth names as those tentacled, brain-sucking monsters from Dungeons and Dragons. Well, turns out they have strong naming customs with an unexpected connection to the French language! They say understanding an enemy is the key to defeating them — but before we can truly understand them, let’s dive into some interesting facts.

Facts About Aboleth Names That Will Make You Think Twice :

1. The aboleth’s favorite food is actually people.

While their maw is said to resemble a “huge gaping maw”, their diet of choice seems to be humans. Abbyths prefer the flesh of the young and the weak, and families often substitute children for food when they make raids on villages.

2. They can breathe vacuum.

Abbyths are well known for being able to capture prey in a vacuum-like state, rather than using suction cups like octopi and squid do. This allows them to more easily pull victims into their depths, where they consume them whole over several days of digestion. The author says that “they don’t even have lungs. They absorb oxygen through their skin and mouth, making them a perfect creature of the abyss.”

3. They have their own language.

Abbyths have their own unique language that is not spoken by any other monster or culture, oftentimes twisting the meaning of any words they find in the common tongue. They are also said to be able to speak a number of human and demi-human languages, but this is most likely something you don’t want them to do as it aids in their deception and manipulation tactics. One phrase that abbyths like to use is “Apaikalya Kredelehtos” which means something along the lines of “the water welcomes you”. This phrase is often used as a trap, making civilized communities let their guard down.

4. They can live forever if they don’t get killed by adventurers first.

Abbyths who are particularly old and wise can live forever, though how long their lives really are is debatable. Older abbyths who have acquired “many fragments of memories” from eating the brains of intelligent species are said to have all that knowledge stored in their own brains, yet there is no way to prove this theory. It is theorized that abbyths can transfer their living husk into another body should something happen to the original one.

5. They use their tentacles in combat.

Now you know to never count an abbyth out, because they’re not just going to sit there and let you swing at them with your +1 longsword! They have eight tentacles that they use to grasp prey, which they can then drag into their jaws. Making contact with a tentacle will cause the creature damage, but if you manage to sever one (which happens very rarely!) it will grow back after 48 hours — and even more deadly than before.

6. You can’t see an aboleth’s eyes because of their slime.

They may look like they lack eyes, and they do sometimes have one glaring red eye in the middle of their forehead, but you can’t see their actual eyes. That’s because their bodies are covered in a thick layer of mucus, which makes it extremely difficult to land a hit on one of these creatures. They seem to be able to attack right through this layer, however, and when they do it can mean bad news for the poor soul on the other end.

7. If you kill an abbyth you get some serious rewards!

Abbyths may look scary and dangerous, but if you manage to kill one you’ll find out just how valuable these creatures are. Their mucus can be used in alchemy to make magic items, and their bodies are so tough that they can be used to craft armor and weapons. It is also rumored that entire villages have been raised from the dust by selling off abbyth parts.

8. When you kill an abbyth you need to check their brain for memories.

As mentioned previously, it is said that when an abbyth eats another creature’s brain it absorbs all of that person’s memories — which makes them extremely dangerous indeed! You can’t just cut this brain out and throw it away, however; a mage must carefully cut out the pieces without spilling any of the fluid inside.

9. They don’t respect the laws of physics.

If you know your abbyth lore, then you already know that when they attack an object, they completely ignore all force fields set up around it. If they have an idea where one is, they’ll try to hit that spot instead. 

In this way, abbyth attacks don’t just have to do with their eyes and tentacles — they can be used to attack magic items! Also, as mentioned above, if you cut out an abbyth’s brain you must carefully remove all of the fluid inside in order not to spill it on the floor or on your clothing.

10. If you defeat an abbyth you can gain magical power.

Typically, humans and demi-humans simply can’t stand up to abbyths; they’re too big, too strong, and their slime is too thick. But some special individuals have been able to fight them off and survive. If that’s the case, then these individuals are said to have gained a magical boost in power, and there are rumors of other beneficial side effects such as a longer lifespan or better luck (depending on who you ask). However no one knows for sure exactly what the effects are.


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