Fact Check: 10 Common Misconceptions About Marvel

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Many people have a lot of misconceptions about Marvel and comic books in general. This can seem dry and boring, so let’s dispel these myths and talk about what’s really going on with Marvel. Find out mvc2 tier list.

1. Marvel is not just for kids. 

Comic book stores employ people who are as old as if not older than the majority of their customers, so it may come as a surprise that many comics are intended for adults from the start. Most comic book companies do not focus solely on children’s comics, but rather try to publish content that appeals to both children and adults at the same time. To do this, there are a lot of different comics for different groups of people. Just because it has a child in the cover and/or title does not mean that it is for kids; just as not having any children on the cover or in the title doesn’t mean it’s not for kids.

2. All Marvel comics are made by Marvel.

While Marvel is the most famous comic book company, it doesn’t own all (or even most) of its titles or characters. They have licensed these to other companies to produce their own comics with and make money off of them in exchange for use of these characters and titles (this is why you will never see Superman on another company’s cover).

3. There are no girls in comic books.

This is a difficult fact to dispel, because it’s not entirely wrong; even the biggest superhero movies have been devoid of capable female superheroes (well, except for Elektra and Catwoman). But the truth is that a large majority of comic book characters are not mostly male. In fact, it could be said that most female comics characters were created in an attempt to improve the number of female comic book readers (a tactic obviously successful).

4. All types of people enjoy comic books.

This may be the hardest fact to dispel. The truth is, not every person can accept comic books for what they really are, which is a form of art, not something that’s all about fighting and violence. Many people believe that comic books are all about fighting and violence and nothing else, but that’s untrue; even if you only read Marvel comics , there are still a lot of comics out there for you to enjoy without violence.

5. Comic book movies now exist because of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons 

Simpsons creator Matt Groening has often stated that the reason he tries to incorporate comic book references in his works is because he enjoys them so much (a love which shows in his comics). As Groening has stated, he really doesn’t think of The Simpsons as a comic book show, but rather a comedy show. However, his early works did include several comic book references and gags.

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6. Comic books are for boys and action figures are for girls.

This is probably true in the sense that action figures are often aimed more at boys than girls (especially the large ones that a lot of boys love), but there are always exceptions to this rule, allowing girls to enjoy action figures just as much as boys do (if not more). Some female fans have even created their own action figure dolls or dress up costumes to wear when they pretend to be Supergirl or Captain America or other characters like them.

7. Comic books are written by professional writers.

Most comic book writers don’t get paid a lot, and a lot of the time it’s not even enough for them to make a living off of. Most people who write comic books are fans who just want to write stories about their favorite characters. To do this, they may even create their own titles and comics in hopes that some day they’ll be able to publish them (which actually happens; Marvel receives hundreds of scripts every year). This is why most comics are not very professionally made; the title has only one writer, the art isn’t necessarily exceptional, and often it’s just written like any other story (though this is changing as more people work their way up to bigger companies).

8. Comic book fans don’t know anything.

The biggest misconception about comic book fans is that they are pretentious, know-it-all people who write books and do nothing else. The truth is that most comic book fans are pretty normal; they’re students, they’re working adults, etc. Most of us have friends outside of the comic books we enjoy, and many of us have children or spouses; we just happen to like comic books a lot more than anyone else does.

9. Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons has nothing to do with Marvel Comics 

As we know, Matt Groening started The Simpsons because he wanted to do a show about his favorite comic book characters. However, before the series was even made, it received a lot of backlash from comic book fans who believed that the show would be extremely dorky and inappropriate for kids. However, this is not the case at all; most people find The Simpsons funny and entertaining regardless of their age.

10. Comic books are just for kids.

In reality, that may be true for some people (I know I don’t enjoy reading comics that much because I’m too old), but there are still plenty of comics out there for everyone to enjoy.


The truth about comic books is that there’s no hard and fast rule about them, and that’s the way it should be. Comic books originally started out as pure entertainment, but over the years they have become more mainstream and have even been turned into movies. If they were only meant to be a form of entertainment, then none of them would have been turned into movies. There is no doubt that comics can be popular and can be enjoyed by a wide range of people; it all depends on what your taste in comics are, what you’re looking for in comics (or movies), and who you are as a person. A bit of advice: always keep an open mind when reading comics, because it may just surprise you.


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