Things To Know About The Character Cindy Lou Who

cindy lou who cartoon character
cindy lou who cartoon character

“Cindy Lou Who?” you might ask. Well, my friends, that is the answer to this trivia question. Cindy Lou Who is a character in Dr. Seuss’ book, “The Cat In The Hat”. She’s a little girl who spends her time playing with her pet cat and wearing an ugly sweater. That’s all we know about Cindy Lou Who as of now! This post will teach you more about the story and character who has become popular among many young children today. Images of Cindy Lou who. Images of cindy lou who is a young girl who loves her furry pet cat. Cindy Lou Who is an interesting character who is seen in Dr. Seuss’s book. 

She is a very special character because she was the first character ever in Dr. Seuss’ books to be portrayed as a human being, instead of an animal or a creature that has no characteristics of an animal or anything else alive on Earth. Without further ado, here are the facts we know about Cindy Lou Who! 

Things To Know About The Character Cindy Lou Who :

1. She’s already added to the Seuss canon.

She has a unique birthday (January 3rd) which is typically a possible sign of significance in movies and TV shows, and people love her! As per the author himself, “Cindy Lou Who is a person.” Cindy Lou Who is a character in Dr. Seuss’ book called The Cat in The Hat. This book was first published on September 23, 1957 which makes Cindy Lou Who 77 years old today! It was narrated by Seuss’ son Chris who was 7 years old at the time he read it to his father for the first time.

2. She was the first character ever to be presented as a human.

This is something that makes Cindy Lou Who stand out in Seuss’ books. She has her own story, personality, and style and not just some pictures of animals. She is a person! Not an animal or anything else!

3. She was given a name by her father.

Dr. Seuss himself gave her a name which he named Cindy Lou Who when he read the complete story to his son Chris for the first time. Dr. Seuss said that if he had to name a girl, he would name her “Cindy Lou Who.” Cindy Lou Who is the pet cat of the little girl in the book called The Cat In The Hat.

4. Her appearance has changed many times throughout time.

The first time that Cindy Lou Who was ever depicted in a picture was during the time of Seuss’ childhood when she was wearing a green sweater similar to that of a bumblebee and a bow. Since then, Cindy Lou Who has had many different appearances over the years which mostly changed how she looked, who she was associated with and what kind of personality she had. Her appearance changed to the point that she was no longer a human, but an animal. It was only in the last few decades that her looks were changed back to how she originally looked in Seuss’ book The Cat In The Hat.

5. She is not a real person.

Cindy Lou Who is just a character in Dr. Seuss’ books with no real life counterpart. As mentioned previously, Cindy Lou Who has been depicted as both a human and an animal usually wearing an ugly sweater similar to Seuss’. Cindy Lou Who has a pet cat named Sebastian which is very similar to Seuss’ Cat In The Hat.

6. She was the first character in Seuss’ books to be depicted as a human being.

Before Cindy Lou Who had been found, Seuss’ books were all designed to be seen as an animal’s story or something else alive on Earth and not just a story about a person. In Seuss’ books, all the characters were quite different from one another, but Cindy Lou Who is the first person ever presented as a human being.

7. She was the first girl to be shown in a story by Dr. Seuss.

She was not just the first character ever to be presented as a human, but she was also the first female character who was ever shown in a story by Dr. Seuss. It wasn’t until after Cindy Lou Who when more females were introduced into books by Seuss including one of his most famous characters, The Cat In The Hat!

8. Dr. Seuss loved her!

Dr. Seuss was very proud and happy with what he had done with this character and all the changes that he made her go through over time. He was proud of the fact that he could introduce an actual girl into his books while at the same time not making her look like just a girl and to have her have an animal appearance.


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