The A – Z Guide Of CLIMATE


Climate change is all around us. It’s a really tough and complex issue that needs to be addressed, but it can be hard to start with trent taylor louisiana tech nfl draft profile. So we’ve compiled a list of some articles and websites devoted to the topic, all to make it a little bit easier. There’s something for everyone here, whether you want to read about climatology, what causes climate change, or how we can tackle this issue. So come on in and dive into our informative article!

Our guide to climate starts with this presentation by the United Nations, and it’s a great place to get started on learning about climate change. It’s got a list of over one hundred articles for you to peruse, covering topics from aerosol-cloud interactions to weather. There’s something for everyone!

1. What Is Climate Change?

We take this topic so much for granted that we forget just how incredibly important it actually is. Climate change is the Earth’s slowly rising and falling temperatures, which can be measured through weather events. It’s not a good thing to deny climate change exists, and the effects of it are very real.

Our climate is not static — it’s always changing, and that shift has been getting steadily quicker. The fact that we’ve gotten used to this steady warming doesn’t make it less real. If you need more evidence, check out NASA’s Climate Change dino-museum .

This article from Worldwatch Institute gives an overview of current research into climatology, making for a great introduction to what’s readily at hand if you’d like to dive in a little deeper.

2. Links Between Climate Change and Human Activity

NASA Human activity is a big contributor to rising temperatures on Earth. We burn fossil fuels for energy, which pumps carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The article also tells us that carbon emissions can even spark droughts that have lasting effects on agriculture and natural ecosystems.

3. Extreme Weather Warnings

This short article from National Geographic gives a great overview of what weather we could see as a result of global warming. It may not be the most unique article out there, but its scientific approach is great for those who need to be informed about climate change.

4. Climate Change Severity

In this point the Guardian focuses on extreme weather events, which underscores what we know about climate change — it’s not so much the average temperatures that will affect us as it is the extreme storms and floods. And while people may be able to deal with some extremes, they can’t handle a serious climate change.

5. Climate Change and Opportunity

This point from NASA compiles interviews with researchers who tell us that we are currently at a crucial turning point in our relationship with climate change. As our society develops to meet this ever-changing environment, there will be many risks involved — both for natural ecosystems and for humans themselves.


6. Climate Change and Community Planning

This point is a great short summary of the risk that climate change poses to our communities. It’s an alarming truth, and one we need to take seriously. We have the power to change these things, but it will involve working together with our communities and with the government to make necessary changes.

7. Climate Change and Agriculture

This point from AccuWeather gives some interesting statistics about how climate change is affecting crops, as well as how we can mitigate its effects by developing new crop varieties. The article also talks about how warmer temperatures affect animals that feed on plants, which affects food production all over the world. 

8. How Climate Change Affects Water

This point from Earth Observatory talks about how climate change is affecting water around the globe, making for a rather long but fascinating article. It’s important to know that some of the effects that could be felt from climate change are pretty serious.

9. Climate Change and Human Health

This point from Scientific American is one of the most direct articles about what effects climate change has had on people — and what it will continue to do in the future. If you’re looking for a more accessible read on what’s at stake with climate change, this article is a great place to start.

10. Climate Change and Economics

This article from the Economist is a great example of how to approach — and think about — climate change in an honest and straightforward way. Climate change poses a real problem for us, which we will eventually have to face head on. This article highlights the current value of fossil fuels, as well as the effects our addiction to it has had historically on our economy.


Climate change is a tough subject, and if you’re trying to learn more about it, our guide is a great place to start. There are lots of different angles to choose from on this topic, but we hope that these articles have been useful for you. Did you see something interesting in our list? Do you want to share your favorite topic with us? 


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