Things To Know About Stardew Valley

stardew valley
stardew valley

Stardew Valley has taken the world by storm recently and there’s no denying that it’s a beautiful, immersive game. Stardew valley rotate furniture is a farm simulation game that has a way of making you feel incredibly at peace, like you’re living out your own personal American Dream. The game can be difficult at first because it is so expansive and there are so many things to do, but if you stick with it for more than an hour or two, I promise the game will grow on you. 

The most important thing to remember is that Stardew Valley isn’t just a farming and social simulator- like Minecraft or Terraria, it’s also an open-ended experience. There’s plenty of time spent in the town center meeting new people and seeing old acquaintances again as well as attending events and festivals.

Things To Know About Stardew Valley :

1. Agriculture

Cultivating crops is the main focus of Stardew Valley, so you should plan accordingly. You begin with one field, and once you finish that field it’s time to start farming another. It truly is a game based on farming and there are many different types of crops you can grow aside from just the basics of wheat and corn. There are also over one hundred different recipes for a variety of special items like fertilizer, which helps your crops grow faster.

2. Money

With all the money you make from selling your crops, you can buy seeds, fertilizers and animals for your farm to help keep it running efficiently. Money has a real-life value, and you can use it to buy items in the general store, upgrade your farm, pay for events and festivals as well as roof everything that you own.

3. Exploring

There’s a whole lot to do to keep yourself busy inside of Stardew Valley besides your farm. There are three towns to visit and explore. Each town offers unique activities and attractions like the library full of fishing supplies or the bookstore where you can buy books, records and other media that help you progress through the game faster. Or if you’d rather get outside there are plenty of caves, forts and other places to explore.

4. Taking On Quests

There’s also a variety of quests you can complete in Stardew Valley that will help you progress through the game faster. Quests earn you experience and gold which gives you a wide range of options to choose from to customize your character. Depending on what tasks you choose, they can be either easy or difficult. You can also do random daily quests by talking to Clint at the entrance of the town center. These are only available once a day and some of them include fetching lost items or killing monsters with your bare fists.

5. Marriage & Kids

If you’re looking for something a little more romantic, you can marry one of the eligible bachelors or bachelorettes in Stardew Valley. Marrying someone will make them your partner and help them live with you on your farm. You can also have kids with your partner if you are married and have a baby crib at your farm. If their happiness is high enough, they’ll even give you gifts!

6. Localization Settings

The language settings are where you can change the localization from English to Japanese, Korean, Russian and Chinese as well as set the game to auto-save on a daily schedule for those who want to play over several sessions per day.

7. Exploring Stardew Valley

The more you play Stardew Valley, the more awesome experiences and things to do there are. There’s a ton of fishing spots, caves, forts and treasure chests to find as well as farm upgrades to your equipment and tools. There are also festivals like spring and fall where you can participate in contests, make new friends and take on additional tasks. You can even befriend NPCs with gifts you give them that will change the way they treat you in certain ways when it comes time to move in together or move out altogether!

8. Farming Has Its Requirements

To grow crops successfully in Stardew Valley you need a lot of land, water resources as well as fertilizer. Not to mention that you’ll have to plant the seeds correctly and keep an eye on things as they grow. For example, vegetables and fruits won’t grow if planted too close to each other and there is a distinct order of planting for different types of plants. You’ll also need a variety of tools for everything from planting, watering, picking and selling your crops depending on what season it is.

9. Managing Your Time

It’s a lot easier to progress in Stardew Valley when you manage your time properly. This means doing all the basic daily tasks before you do anything else. Things like watering your crops, picking up the mail, checking your stock in the shipping bin and going to sleep by 10:00 pm so you wake up at 6:00 am. You’ll need to milk your cows and chickens and feed the animals as well.

10. It’s Not Easy

Stardew Valley is not a game for casual gamers. It requires a lot of time investment, patience and planning which means that you won’t be able to turn around and play it for 5 minutes every day unless you have someone else doing it for you! There’s just too much involved with it for someone who wants instant results.


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