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The Devastating Environmental Impact of Policies

A new study has confirmed that the amount of carbon emissions in the world’s atmosphere has risen to a record high in 2018. This is all thanks to unsustainable policies, like those that promote coal mining and drilling. In other words, like mymidmichigan chart, politicians need to start working on plans for creating less harmful industries, like sustainable energy sources. If they don’t, we could end up creating irreversible damage to our planet that future generations won’t be able to repair!

There are few things more important than protecting our environment for future generations— and that means making sure it remains safe for their use and enjoyment. But this will only happen if policymakers choose healthier options than those currently being used by industries around the globe.

1. Two New Studies Confirm that the Emissions Level in the Earth’s Atmosphere Has Reached Record Levels in 2018

In the United States alone, greenhouse gas emissions are now at a level not seen since 1990. And this is all thanks to a wide range of issues— mostly due to policies that encourage human activity.

2. The Emissions Level Has Hit Record-Levels Globally as Projections Show a Rise in CO2 Over 2017

According to new data, carbon dioxide emissions have risen by 2.3 percent as compared to last year— which means we are emitting billions more pounds of carbon into the atmosphere than before. This is raising concerns about global warming and its impact on sea levels and weather patterns.

3. Most of the Emissions Are Due to Fossil-Fuel Development

Exhaust from vehicles, power plants and other industries are actually responsible for most of the extra carbon dioxide emissions. And that means every single person on the planet is at fault.

4. Elected Officials Must Take A Stand Against Unsustainable Toward Coal Mining and Drilling

Coal is becoming an increasingly unpopular energy source, thanks to concerns about its effects on the environment— and now we know why this is happening! If elected officials don’t stop promoting coal mining and drilling, we could end up creating irreversible damage to our planet that future generations won’t be able to repair.

5. It’s Time to Change How We Get Our Energy

The manner in which we are currently getting our energy is unsustainable, and that’s because we have not been using the right resources. It’s time to start using green energy sources like solar power and wind turbines, instead of drilling in the ground or mining coal.

6. There’s a Lot of Work to be Done

The only way that major changes can be made is if everyone starts working together on this issue— including world leaders, policymakers and business owners. The good thing is that there are already initiatives taking place so we don’t have to start from scratch!

7. Our Future Will Be in Our Hands

It’s not just about protecting our environment— it’s about making sure that everyone has a chance to enjoy the pleasures and benefits of our planet for generations to come. And with more and more people getting involved, we’ll be one step closer!

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8. The Next Generation Could Save the Planet from Its Obvious Ruins

We could all be responsible for destroying Mother Earth, if we don’t change our actions soon. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy what she has to offer as well— and by learning from her mistakes, we’ll be able to prevent irreversible damage!

9. There Are So Many Things We Could Be Doing to Make the Planet a Better Place

We could start by thinking of ways we could improve our energy-use policies, turning over to greener sources and putting more emphasis on renewable energy. And there are so many other things we could be doing as well!

10. We Should See the Bigger Picture

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily stresses of life that we forget how important it is to place the greater good into perspective. If you’re in a position to make a difference, then you need to step up and make it happen!

11. We Need To Keep Our Heads in the Clouds

We could all help to keep our heads in the clouds if we keep our eyes on what’s really important— and that’s protecting our environment for future generations! But we can only do that with a change of heart, so let’s continue working together!

12. You Can’t Stop Progress

You might believe that it’s impossible to work against such a large movement, but you’d be wrong. In reality, there is hope for everyone if they’re willing to put in effort.

13. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

We have to be careful with what we say and how we communicate with people around the world. Your actions speak louder than words, so do your part to curtail the spread of pollution!

14. The Time for Action is Now!

Every decision you make could be the one that makes a difference in the future of our world. Will you be the one to stand up for what’s right or will you choose to stand by and watch?

15. We Need You to Make a Change

It’s all about participation— if we want to make a difference, then we need everyone involved! Only then will we see changes, even if they’re small at first. All it takes is for someone to take that first step and all of us can follow, as long as we change together!


If you want to make a difference, then it’s time to get involved! Look around yourself and see what you can do— and don’t be afraid to say something if you see someone making evil choices. This can only be stopped by everyone who loves the planet and its inhabitants!

Use these tips to put your environment under control, protect the Earth for future generations and act for a better world today! And remember that actions speak louder than words, so be sure to use them wisely!







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