The Ultimate Guide to Dunwich Oklahoma.

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What is dunwich oklahoma?

Dunwich oklahoma is a small town in the northwest part of oklahoma. It is tucked away in the breathtaking tallgrass prairie, a 20 minute drive east of tennessee river. It is one mile south of freshwater city and 1/2 mile east of ochelata and has a population around 200 people. It was founded in 1879. It is said to have been a place where native americans settled and built the first town in this area. An old fort was said to have been located here and many artifacts were found during excavations there. Daily construction continues at this small town as many people still live there or visit there regularly. According to the local historical society, large quantities of stolen property are being stolen and sold every day, along with various other illegal activities going on there as well.

What is the use?

Dunwich oklahoma has many things to offer on this earth. It is one of the only places in the world where the deep water well and artesian well are located just a few feet away from eachother. The town is also close to tulsa, making it easier for people to get to other places if they wanted or needed to. Even though dunwich is a small town, it still has a lot to offer.

What can I do while in dunwich oklahoma?

While in dunwich you can attend the annual walleye tournament, take an afternoon and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the tallgrass prairie and check out one of the many historic sites if you are into history. (i.e. fort sill, george foreman bolton house, etc) basically during your visit there, you can do whatever you wish as long as your not breaking any laws.

What are the prices like in dunwich oklahoma?

The prices vary from person to person. If you want to buy several acres of land, it is a lot cheaper than buying a home or an acre of land in tulsa. The average price for an acre around dunwich is $150-300. There are also various houses and homes for sale depending on what your needs are, which range anywhere from $5k-$20k. As far as the gas goes, it’s not as cheap as some places but it is definitely worth having a tank full of gas just because the scenery is breathtaking and would be a shame to drive right through without taking in all that the beautiful tallgrass prairie has to offer.

Why should I go to dunwich oklahoma?

I love this place because I love the nature and beautifulness the tallgrass prairie has to offer. Plus, this is where I met some of my very best friends and enjoy spending time with them every time we are down there. It is an enjoyable place to be, with all that it has to offer and do.

Is dunwich oklahoma safe?

Yes, it is very safe. The police station is close by and has nothing but good officers that are willing to help you out if needed. I have seen them pull people over for the smallest things and give a warning. I have lived there for many years and am still alive; therefore, from my experience, I would say it is quite safe to visit or live there. I have never heard of anyone being robbed or anything like that, so you can feel safe while driving down there or walking around town with your family. There are always people driving around looking for something to steal so just be careful what you leave in your vehicles when going into a store or restaurant.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of living in dunwich oklahoma are great. You can do what you please and you know that you wont mess anything up and get in trouble. You have a good chance of running into some friends that you may have already known or meet new ones. In the past, I have ran into people I knew from my old town and we all share stories of our past lives and we bond with each other because we all live in the same place.

What are the forecasted weather conditions?

The weather consists of hot summers, pleasant autumns, mild winters and many days of sunshine throughout each season. I have lived here my whole life and it is amazing to see the difference in weather every season. In the summer, you will see an average temperature of 95 degrees, but it is a dry heat so you wont mind it and everyone knows that most people prefer dry heat to humid heat because you don’t have to worry about sweating all day long. After the summer months, it starts cooling down which makes the perfect opportunity for putting on those seasonal jackets and getting out into nature. The temperatures during this time drop anywhere from 70-80 degrees which is more than enough to keep you warm at night so you sleep well without a heater or air conditioner.

Are there any drawbacks?

There are a few downsides to living in dunwich, but after awhile you don’t even notice them. The biggest drawback is the lack of decent restaurants or home-style food restuarants. There is a pizza place, a newer taco bell and that’s about it. If you want food from any other place, then you will have to go out of town because there are no other options but I don’t really view that as a bad thing because almost everytime I go out of town I run into someone I know and we get to hang out for the day and enjoy eachothers company.


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