Here’s What No One Tells You About Traveling In Buses


Everyone always tells you that traveling in buses is uncomfortable and tiring. They tell you it can be dangerous and full of weird people. But that doesn’t have to be the case for you! Read this blog post for all about why everyone says these things, how to avoid them, and how useful buses can actually be. Gatech nextbus is a group of people who love traveling in buses. 

The idea for the group came when some of us were on a bus about a year and a half ago. We started talking about how we never liked traveling in buses and how uncomfortable they can be. From there, Gatech nextbus was born! Now, we have over 300 members who love transporting themselves in the most budget-friendly way possible.

Why do people say traveling in buses is uncomfortable?

The first thing you might notice when you enter a bus is that it’s crowded. That’s because people don’t like traveling in buses to begin with. So why do they always tell you that going on a bus is uncomfortable? It all comes down to monetary transactions. When you take a taxi, the money goes straight from your wallet to the driver’s wallet without stopping along the way for a third party (the company).

Here’s What No One Tells You About Traveling In Buses :

1. Bus companies are a third party in the transaction. 

The logic is that the company needs to make money, too, and that’s why it charges you for your ride. However, think about it for a second: how much does one bus driver actually need to charge you? Do they even get paid by the company, or is it totally up to them how much they take from each passenger? Now mix in gas prices and how many hours of traffic jams you might be sitting in during your trip. Those things add up and make your bus ride much more expensive than a taxi would have been.

That’s why we are so adamant that you should use buses more often. They’re much cheaper and more convenient than taxis, and they can help you save money that you would have otherwise spent!

2. How to avoid paying too much for your bus ride 

There are a few ways to do this. First of all, where possible purchase a bus card instead of buying your ticket each time you get on a bus. In DC, one common place to purchase a bus card is at Giant supermarkets. A bus card will save you money in the long run.

Second of all, go online to find out which stops are on your route. In fact, take it one step further and actually look up when your bus is supposed to arrive at each stop. Knowing that you will arrive in time can make all the difference! If you’re worried about missing your stop and having to pay too much for your ride, check out this article on how to avoid being overcharged by a driver who isn’t going the right way.

Third of all, we mentioned that drivers can change their prices depending on how many people are in their vehicle and other factors. If you’re not comfortable with strangers, we recommend taking a cab instead of going on a bus. This way, you have more control over the situation.

3. Buses are more comfortable than you might think

When it comes to traveling in buses, I wish people would stop comparing them to the bus they rode to school when they were young. It’s not a fair comparison. Buses in one city can be totally different from buses in another. For example, we found that some buses are very spacious as compared to other kinds of buses. Also, they have clean bathrooms in some buses, whereas they don’t even have working toilets in others!

Oftentimes, you might see a bus that has power outlets and USB chargers available to its riders. Even if you’re on your phone the whole time you’re on the bus (which we don’t recommend!), the charge will come in handy later.

Also, there are so many buses that offer free Wi-Fi! This can make your trip even more comfortable. For example, we take a DC metro bus that takes us from a metro station to our destination. We use Wi-Fi on this bus to watch Netflix every time we go somewhere!

4. What to do if you don’t find a bus that’s comfortable?

If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably someone who doesn’t like travelling in buses. Maybe it’s because the bus isn’t very clean and you don’t feel safe. Maybe it’s because it’s crowded with weird people, and you don’t like the vibe of the space.

In that case, I urge you to rethink your decision! Just because other people had a bad experience on a bus doesn’t mean that everyone will have one like theirs.


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