10 Brilliant Ways To Use MARKETING skills

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Marketing is one of the most important skills to learn in order to be successful. These days, where marketing is done effectively, it has become much easier to build a business by earning revenue and selling products. If you love playing musical chairs and strategizing about who-does-what, you might be a natural at marketing like sona uf. Read on to find out what those skills are and how they apply to the business world.

10 Brilliant Ways To Use Marketing Skills: 

1. Selling – 

The foundation of all marketing efforts. You’ve probably already been sold on your product or service, but if you haven’t been, chances are you still have a lot of work to do. The marketing manager is the salesperson of yesteryear, the one who handles all those meetings and schedules them at the perfect time.

2. Customer Service – 

The best way to ensure a customer’s loyalty is to exceed his or her expectations. That’s why customer service representatives are often asked to help solve problems (for example, when a package goes missing) or, in some cases, just talk to customers about their experience. Marketing is all about customer service, from working with clients to handling complaints and promoting products.

3. Writing – 

You’ve heard it said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The same is true of marketing; you may be better at putting across your points with words rather than graphics. Marketing is essential for good writing, as well as for having your work picked up by writers out there in the world. If you’re stuck on a piece and it’s not coming together, find someone to bounce ideas off of or use online forums for advice and critique help.

4. Pitching – 

You don’t have to be a star athlete or be able to sing like Frank Sinatra to become a great marketing manager. In the world of marketing, it’s all about shouting out and selling your business. When you’re trying to convince a client or get an investment or sponsorship from someone, using your marketing skills will make your pitch stronger and more persuasive. 

5. Speaking – 

Once you get a foothold in the business world, market yourself to the best companies – possibly by pitching them your ideas. There’s no better way to promote yourself than speaking about what you do. When you’re trying to convince a client or get an investment or sponsorship from someone, using your marketing skills will make your pitch stronger and more persuasive.

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6. Presenting – 

Your marketable skills will help you present ideas well, whether it’s through a program, a slideshow or just on paper. You’ll make sure all the pieces are there and that your ideas are clear to everyone. Showing clients how to utilize the product and pitching the benefits of the product will require excellent presentation skills. Add visual elements like graphs, charts, photos and videos to your presentations for an extra punch.

7. Thinking – 

There are two kinds of thinking: intuitive and analytical. Being able to make those two thoughts gel together is a skill that can only be learned through experience. Thinking “outside of the box” takes practice and is an essential skill to possess as a marketer. Original thinking helps separate you from the herd!

8. Strategic Thinking – 

The marketing manager of the future should be able to strategize, plan and rely on these skills in order to progress successfully in the business world. No matter what strategy you decide to pursue, strategic thinking is going to be essential. Strategic thinking is thinking about how you can gain an advantage in your space and how to maximize the customer’s experience.

9. Power of Relationships – 

This is a big one! The power of relationships can be summed up in the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Build up your contacts in your field and make sure to nurture those relationships for future opportunities. The power of relationships is so strong that it’s worth using every tool at your disposal to develop a good relationship with whoever you’re selling to or whatever your objective may be. 

10. Persuasion – 

Persuasion is another essential skill, if you want to be successful in your marketing efforts. Whether you’re working with a client or pitching a new idea to your board of directors, persuasion skills will get you what you want with a lot less stress. Persuasion means using all your skills, even the ones they teach you at school (don’t laugh, I did grammar school and I’m STILL working on them) to garner support for your cause, whether that’s promoting a product or having clients give you free money for what you do.


Marketing is not just about advertising and promotion. It’s about having the skills for approaching problems, strategizing and getting ahead.

Solving problems is a great skill to have because you’ll be able to help your business and customers greatly by taking a different way to achieve their goal. By going beyond the status quo and thinking outside of the box you could find a better way of doing it.


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