A Guide to Sardines Flight Rising at Any Age.

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What is sardine flight rising?

Sardines flight rising is a unique process that every character on Flight Rising has to go through, and it is mentioned in the Community Guidelines. This article will answer all your questions about sardines flight rising, both before and after the process. For example, what is it? How does it work? Will anyone be able to see my rank during this? How do I avoid the waitlist for sardines flight rising if I already know my rank tier?

Sardines flight rising is a unique feature that every character on Flight Rising has to go through. As the name implies, it causes members of your team to be promoted and demoted according to a set series of rankings which can range from bronze tier to elite. If you’re in the middle or towards the top of your rank, you will see your sardines flight rising stats rise (for all characters on your team) and fall (for any sardines that you have lost or gained in a promotion). This occurs even if you are not currently active.

Some more facts:

All the characters on your team, but only those above bronze rank, will receive a message when they are promoted or demoted. Both members and non-members will see this message. The rank of your sardines will not be revealed while they are part of your sardines flight, and they will be free to enter a breeding queue as soon as they are demoted.

When a character on your team receives a promotion, you will see its sardine become 4th in the list (of your top 4) or 3rd (if you have 4 or more). You can tell that an existing sardine has been replaced because it will no longer appear in the list; however, it has not been deleted and still exists in case you wish to redeem it. If you are ranked at the top of bronze tier, then all of your characters above bronze rank will be promoted to silver. If you are ranked at the bottom of bronze tier, then all of your characters will be demoted to bronze. If you are not currently active, your sardines on your team will be promoted or demoted according to the weighting of their stats as determined by the activity factor.

To bypass the waitlist for sardines flight rising if you have a ranking in mind, simply spend some time with any character above bronze tier and watch their relationship stat change (if they’re currently part of your sardines flight). If it is high enough, then your character will become eligible for promotion. In other words, inactive players cannot bypass the waitlist by spending time with another character.

What are the benefits?

A few benefits of sardines flight rising are: A faster ranking than you would normally receive. If you are inactive, your sardines will be promoted or demoted in order to help you rank up faster. The ability to skip the waitlist, if your rank is within the range of a promotion. The ability to monitor your team when you’re away from Flight Rising (your team still counts activity time spent on it!).

What is the process?

You may notice that your sardines in the breeding log are becoming more active as time passes and their relationship increases by 1 every day. This is because they are slowly being promoted out of the brood nest and into a team; your team. They will stop getting promoted when two things occur: (1) your team reaches the sardines activity factor’s silver tier, or (2) all of your resources (dragons, food, and land) are full.

As soon as they are promoted, they will be sent to a new place on your flight called Flight Camp and their name will change to the word “Sardine.” You can view their profile by hovering over the item in your hoard. This information is not necessary to know but some players appreciate it. After a few hours or days of being at Flight Camp, they will be moving into a new home on the Flight Rising website: The Sardine Cauldron.

When they are promoted to silver, they will be sent to their new team and status. All of your sardines on your team (and no other ones) will receive the message “Congratulations!” You can also see what is happening with your sardines in the “Sardines” tab on the team page.

What are the requirements for promotion?

Your sardines have to rank at least 10 places higher than bronze tier in order to be promoted; however, this can only happen if you are inactive. If you are active, then you will not be able to promote your sardines out of their current position until they drop a rank (either silver or bronze). For example: if you are at bronze tier, then you can only promote your sardines to silver if two of them rank 10+ places higher than bronze tier (also note that you can only promote the two highest of your sardines though). If you are in gold tier, then you cannot promote any of your sardines at all.


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