10 Easy Ways To Make AIRPORT SCAN Faster

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Are you tired of having to wait around for long periods of time in the airport just because of a few extra minutes it takes for your airport scanner to scan your bag? Can airport scanners see pills? Well, the TSA has found a way to make things move faster not only at airports around the world, but also when you fly with us! Using the power of machine learning through our patented AIRAVISION®, AIRPORT SCAN is able to tell what is likely an explosive device and pass along information accordingly which makes your security experience easier and less stressful. If that wasn’t enough, AIRPORT SCAN can be done in seconds with no human interaction needed.

10 easy ways to make airport scan faster are:

1. Take the first scan and re-check your bag after

Oftentimes travelers get confused when they are told they can take the first scan (even if they had a second scan) as TSA is just trying to make things fast, so it is best to take the first scan and re-check your luggage.

2. Don’t bring liquids

If you are bringing liquids on board with you or are traveling with children who need medication or a toy that must have liquid in it, then it makes sense not to bring them through TSA checkpoint as there is no need to keep them.

3. Removing laptop from bag

If you are traveling with a laptop, it is best to remove it from your bag and place it in a separate bin. If you have a laptop in your bag and you set it off the alarm, there is a good chance that TSA will need to open up the bag which may slow things down at checkpoints.

4. Be respectful of other passengers

If you have any sort of disability or special situation that requires help or extra time, then let the TSA know ahead of time so they can prepare for your needs ahead of time so things don’t get slowed down.

5. Know your liquids rule

Knowing what liquids are and are not allowed to bring on the plane can save you time and hassle, plus knowing that you won’t be able to bring them on can help you avoid having liquids in the first place.

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6. Bring things that are too large in your carry on bags

If you know ahead of time you will be going through a checkpoint, then it is best to bring as little as possible. If you do need to bring something large, then it is best to put it in your checked luggage so you can place it in the bin at the gate.

7. Be prepared to take off your shoes

Oftentimes you cannot take off your shoes at TSA so it is better to take them off at the gate. If you don’t seem to fit in the bin, then ask someone to do it for you. TSA agents are required by law to take off shoes at checkpoints. Just like any other checkpoint, passengers will have a sign telling them when they can and cannot remove their shoes, so everyone should be sure about this ahead of time before getting their shoes off. 

8. Never refuse to be searched

Even if you know you aren’t bringing anything dangerous with you and the TSA is the last thing that you want to see before your flight, it is always best to be polite and let them have their way. Don’t yell or resist in any way. This will help things go much faster and smoother as well. 

9. Never run

The TSA doesn’t like running because it makes things hectic and crowded, so please don’t do it as it slows down TSA agents who are trying to keep up with passengers and help others if they need it while they work at the same time. 

10. Know your way around

If you can’t put your bags away quickly or have any questions about where the nearest exit is, then please let an agent know. It is always better to ask for help even if you think it might slow things down than not having any idea where you are. If you know where to go ahead of time, then you will find the checkpoint much faster. Knowing the layout of a new airport will save you time before your flight and make TSA checkpoints easier to navigate.


10 easy ways to make airport scan faster are all it takes to get through TSA checkpoints faster. Knowing our limitations will keep things moving as well. It is best to just do what we ask and be as courteous as possible. If you decide to take our advice and apply these tips, then you will be able to get through the TSA checkpoint easier with less hassle and stress.

These tips are for the US only, but many of them can apply in other countries as well although things may be different when it comes to foreign policies. So make sure you follow these 10 Easy Ways To Make airport scan faster so your security experience is a breeze and TSA checkpoints are trouble free.


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