8 Ways FARM Will Help You Get More Business

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If you’re an artist, designer, or photographer living in Canada, it can be tough to find the resources and support you need to grow your career. As creatives we tend to focus on our work rather than marketing ourselves.

Luckily FARM is here! Framing is a new way for creatives to connect with like-minded people who want to build their careers in the arts. FARM will help you manage your time, brainstorm new ideas and strategies for growing your business, and connect with other creatives in the industry. Cute stardew valley farm names.

How can farms get you more business?

1. Find the right clients

This is where it all starts. The right clients will bring you more business and make your job easier.

Creating an online profile on FARM helps you get found by potential clients looking for freelancers like you. But it’s not enough to have a profile on FARM; make sure your portfolio website is of professional quality and showcases the work that most represents you – don’t be a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Avoid using flash and choose a quality photography or illustration set as the main image for your profile page because this is what potential clients will see first when they search for creatives using FARM. (Learn how to create a good portfolio here .)

2. Take great business cards

How many clients have you met that had a hard time finding your contact information? Or how many times did clients search for your portfolio online, liked your work, but forgot to follow up with you?

In the past I’ve given out business cards and thought they were helpful. Make your business cards more than just a contact list. Include your name, website and phone number with a link to your portfolio website or FARM profile. You could also include something memorable like “I love ____” and fill in a word that describes you best, or “I make stuff for ______” or customize it with the type of work you do.

3. Be proactive

It’s not enough to just have a profile on FARM. Make sure you’re creating your own opportunities by staying top-of-mind to your clients and letting them know you are available for new projects. Also, follow up with clients with updates on your work that you’ve done for them. Make sure people can find you by being proactive on FARM and following up with potential clients after they view your profile and portfolio online. You should also take advantage of other opportunities to meet new people at arts events such as openings, festivals, conferences and workshops in person.

4. Use the benefits of your profile to upsell

Many services that help you build and manage your business, such as invoicing, client management and accounting software, are available through the FARM platform. If you’re a graphic designer, try using FARM to find clients who need logos or website designs. Being able to speak with potential clients practically face-to-face makes it easier for them to understand what you can do for them.

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5. Let people know that they’ve landed on a creative landmine

You’re an artist, designer or photographer. You have a skill to offer. You get excited about things that you see and you know how to make them look even better.

But you have another side: the business side of what you do. 1 in 5 creatives don’t know how best to promote their work online. Make your fellow creatives aware of the services you offer by letting them know that they’ve landed on a creative landmine when they view your profile.

6. Build knowledge with FARM Learning

Over time you’re going to get better at marketing yourself and your business. If you’re new to marketing or simply want to learn more about building and managing a business, check out FARM Learning . It’s built into the FARM platform and loaded with valuable resources for small businesses, including courses on selling yourself and growing new ideas into something bigger.

7. Get inspired by great photos on the Creative Board

The Creative Board is a great resource for creatives who want to learn from the best. Browse the photos and you’re sure to find something that inspires you. There is no single right way to market yourself as creative. The Creative Board on FARM shows you how to market yourself in a way that works for you. Browse the Creative Boards to get inspired by successful creatives and view their tips for marketing themselves.

8. Expand your network

Connecting with new people is a great way to grow your business. Joining a local network, such as Creative Victoria or the Group of 7 , gets you connected with other creatives in your area. Reach out to other creatives because they can help you get new clients and make connections within your community. It’s much easier to stand out from the crowd when there are thousands of people around you helping each other out!


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