10 Rules About SPORTS Meant To Be Broken

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It’s as if the whole sports world has been stuck in this one tiny little box for too long. Everyone is so set on these very strict rules and guidelines, leading to certain people always winning, and other people being left behind. But what happens when these rules are broken? More often than not, you will see some of the most amazing athletes and teams push boundaries, achieve incredible feats never thought possible by following these old-fashioned conventional sports rules like i am alive walkthrough.

In this blog post we hope to show that following the rules isn’t necessary, you don’t need a coach or all your teammates to win a game or a championship.

10 rules about sports which can be broken are:

1. Players Shouldn’t Show Off Dance Moves

During an NFL game in 2003 between the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers, The Green Bay cornerback Al Harris tried to tackle the New York Giant running back Tiki Barber. But instead of laying out for a tackle he decided to do a slide with a “360 degree spin” thrown in for good measure.

2. Players Shouldn’t Say Anything To Get Themselves Disqualified From The Game

In November 2007, the University of Iowa Men’s Hockey team received a very nasty surprise at the away game against the Yale Bulldogs. In 2003, NBA referee Violet Palmer had a heated exchange with San Antonio Spurs player David Robinson and was almost disqualified from the game. She instead kept her composure and kept refereeing the game.

3. You Shouldn’t Play With The Opposing Team

When someone breaks this rule, the rival team will call them a cheater and they will be disqualified. But this is not the case for German Formula One race driver Sebastian Vettel. In basketball, two players from opposing teams need to be on the court at any given time. But that didn’t stop one woman from playing with both teams in a game in Canada. A double foul was not called and she even went on to score for her team.

4. Coaches Don’t Have To Tell You What To Do

In the 1976 Olympics Mark Spitz once won seven gold medals in swimming. But when a journalist asked the six-time Olympic medalist if he enjoyed himself, Spitz, who was already in tears, said: “No, I don’t enjoy it.”

5. You Shouldn’t Play In The “Same Position” For Too Long

The Detroit Pistons were the defending NBA champions in 2004, but they finished with the worst record of 13-67. The team was so poorly coached in this season and the players were still acting like champions, despite their poor results. This has no bearing on real life games of course but during the FIFA World Cup, 2004 Croatian team defender Luka Modric played in all 10 games for his country and none of them were at center back. He also didn’t play any other position during this competition.

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6. You Shouldn’t Be A Team Player

This rule can be broken in real life of course. Take Jordan Rowan for example. A tennis player would not expect one of their own to be playing for the opposing team but apparently this is what happened in 2011, when Serena Williams was playing against her sister on the same court at Wimbledon.

7. Coaches Shouldn’t Say Anything To Get Themselves Disqualified From The Game

In the 1973 World Series between the Los Angeles Angels and Cincinnati Reds, Reds coach Bob Gibson was called out by umpire Don Denkinger for “acting like a prima donna”. Oh and by the way, he was a coach NOT an athlete.

8. You Shouldn’t Miss The Shot

In 1992, basketball player Dennis Scott tried a shot from way outside the three point line during the NBA All-Star weekend and missed. But then again that’s why he made it into the All Star weekend, because he makes shots no one else would even try to make.

9. Coaches Don’t Have To Tell You What To Do

In the 2001 Women’s World Cup, head coach Tina Theune-Meyer told her team that she didn’t need their permission to make substitutions. Surprisingly enough you can still get away with this in football games as well. In 2010, referee Ron Cherry gave a free kick to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers but not before telling the players what to do.

10. You Can’t Play With The Opposing Team

This is by far the most obvious one. Your opponent doesn’t have to be on the field. There have been numerous examples of football players playing striker in games against other strikers who weren’t even on the pitch. Just like in basketball, players should come and go in waves but one woman on the field didn’t seem to get the memo during an English Premier League game between Southampton and Fulham. She was on both teams at once!


These rules all have their place in the sports world and have been followed by players, coaches and fans for so long, it’s hard to break away from them sometimes. But when you do there are plenty of times that these same old conventional sports rules are shattered and new ones are created.


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