5 Things Nobody Told You About Battle Of Policium

battle of policium
battle of policium

The Battle of Policium is a powerful novel about an alien invasion that takes place on Earth. The novel follows the lives of two families, one American and one British, as they struggle to survive in the early stages of a global war. The story follows multiple generations of this family and paints a picture of what life would be like during such a time. Each chapter is covered in detail to enhance the reader’s understanding and make this book not only interesting and full off action, but also educational. 

This is an important book if you are looking for a narrative that focuses on humanity’s fight for survival rather than superheroes saving the day or aliens invading Earth yet again like most science fiction stories. The personality of each character is well developed, from Tom’s grandmother and the story’s inspiring leader to Tom himself, each character is interesting in their own way. There are many times where you will stop to think about what might make them the way they are and if you would be like them if put in the same situation. 

The protagonists all have depth, each with a different background that makes them unique even if all are fighting for Earth as a whole. The antagonist is similar in this aspect with his own background that makes him stand apart from the other aliens he fights alongside. This novel is different than most alien invasion stories because it focuses more on survival rather than destruction or power struggles within an alien civilization.

5 Things Nobody Told You About Battle Of Policium :

1. The book is not a thrilling read from beginning to end

As a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite. The dialog in the first few chapters is a bit dull and hard to get through. The author tries hard to make everything realistic and because of this, slow paced at times. It will take some of you who are used to fast paced books with little description some time to get into this book. 

This is just something I want you to be aware of before you start reading because if you are looking for an action packed science fiction novel then this is not the one for you. If you are looking for an interesting novel that makes you think and feel connected with the characters then give it a try.

2. The story is actually based on the author’s life

While reading the novel, you may notice some similarities with the author’s life and the characters in the book. This is because he uses his own past experiences to create a more realistic and relatable novel to people. 

It is done without making it seem like an autobiography though so it has just enough of his personal life in it to make it interesting but not off-putting for those who do not want anything about his real life as an inspiration for this novel. The events are fictional but the feelings and actions of characters are based on actual events that happened in his own life.

3. The novel has more than one point of view

This novel is told from multiple points of view. The perspective shifts between Tom, a child of a British family that is on the U.K./U.S. border and his sister, a cynical teenager who lives in the United States along with their mother, father, and grandmother. It also shifts between the parents who are faced with many difficult choices during this invasion that could make or break their family’s future.

4. There is a bit of an alien invasion, but it does not end up the way you think

The aliens are invading Earth with a purpose, to deliver an important message from their overseas leader to Earth’s politicians. The message is that Earth must stop polluting its own environment or else at some point in the future, the planet will be uninhabitable. 

This is what makes this novel different from most alien invasion stories where aliens just want to invade and destroy our planet (though I would like my favorite worlds to be destroyed so it’s all good). This book is more of a survival story than a fight to the death with aliens.

5. The last chapter will leave you confused and hang your head in shame

The last chapter is a bit confusing and difficult to understand, but it will make sense in the next book. This was added to make things more interesting, not just to confuse you. It also shows that the sequel is on its way and this book is just a side tale for it. 


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