The Ten Reasons Tourists Love Bill


Bill is an iconic destination for people who love to visit art galleries, museums, and other impressive places. Bill has a multitude of high profile cultural and recreational activities. Bill Gates reputation behavior divorce is also becoming a big attraction for the tourist who want to visit Bill.  Bill not only has a stunning coastline, but is also dominated by the scenic and accessible Mt. Baw Baw Ranges. Families, couples and singles flock to Bill all year round for its sensational lifestyle, peaceful surroundings, and pristine beaches.

The international airports of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are all only a few hours away from Bill. The city’s many top class restaurants and numerous shopping centers are also drawing tourists to Bill.

Bill is a great place for the family to enjoy some sunshine. Bill’s most popular tourist attraction is the great white shark diving at Port Phillip Bay. The cruise is done both by boats and on foot. The tour guide will take you to the meeting point with the lifeguards on Jet Ski or boat, and they will take you out into the bay in search of the great white shark in their natural habitat.

The Ten Reasons Tourists Love Bill :

1. Bill is the home of the best beaches Australia has to offer. 

The scenic surfing beaches with white sand are available at many of the locations in Bill. From Brighton Beach to Lower Portland, Bill’s beautiful beaches will bring you a lot of fun. The lovely beaches in Bill are a great place to go and relax during the summer. At night, you can also enjoy a great dinner along the pier right beside the beach, and then sit back and watch the spectacular sunset.

2. Bill has some of the best scuba diving in the world. 

Port Phillip Bay is renowned for great diving conditions, with ledges and caves that offer more than 1000 meters of visibility. Divers can enjoy beautiful coral reefs and underwater beauty in Port Phillip Bay. The Port Phillip Bay has some of the best spots where world class big charter fishing boats go out every night to fish for marlin, sailfish and shark. It is one of the most popular dive spots in Australia.

3. Bill has numerous beautiful beaches 

Bill’s many scenic beaches include Queenscliff Beach, Garden Island, Point Ormond and the many beautiful bays and inlets that are one of the most stunning locations for scuba diving. Furthermore, Bill is home to some of the country’s most popular surfing beaches. 

4. The Art Galleries in Bill can be found almost everywhere 

Whether it’s in Port Melbourne or St Kilda, Richmond or Portsea, there are art galleries everywhere you look. Whether its on a beautiful beach or on a busy street corner with good food, art is available everywhere. You can also enjoy the art in many galleries and exhibitions. 

5. Bill has a variety of nightlife options where you can enjoy a drink or dance all night long 

From the world famous Crown Casino in Melbourne to the iconic bars and clubs of Queenscliff, there are plenty of places to visit every day of your holiday! There are also many local cafes, pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy dinner with your family and friends. Bill is full of fun! 

6. Bill boasts some of the best golf courses in Australia 

Bill can boast the world’s best golfer Greg Norman, who has won numerous times at the iconic Point Ormond Golf Club, where he has made many winning tournaments and is amongst the best golfers in history to have played Bill. 

7. The popular and very scenic Victorian countryside is also a great place for walking and picnics 

The countryside surrounding Bill provides great places for walkers, runners, hunters and fishermen to enjoy a day out in nature. You will find many wonderful scenic hikes that are perfect for family walks. Countryside around Bill is full of beautiful bushland and trees, with rivers and valleys. 

8. Bill is also a popular place for ship watching 

Boats and ships go up and down the Yarra river every day, which makes a very popular destination for people who love to watch boats and sea life. There are also many boat tours available in Bill, where you can enjoy observation of the historic ship wrecks, maritime history and wildlife. 

9. Bill is an excellent place for bushwalking 

The beautiful nature surrounding Bill includes lots of parks, forests, rivers and wetlands that are perfect for bushwalking. You can enjoy the walks with family friends or girlfriends: there are also many fantastic walking trails around Bill. 

10. The popular Richmond is a great place to visit in Bill 

Richmond is also a very popular destination for tourists and people who love arts, culture and history. The area is full of cafes, restaurants, bars and unique shops. There are many places in Richmond where you can stay for free or camp overnight. It’s also a wonderful place to find good food. 


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