The 8 Biggest Meme Video Mistakes

5 meme
5 meme

There’s a lot of things to learn if you’re new to the world of memes. You should watch these videos if you want to get up to speed on what makes a meme go viral like the one video of giraffe lifting boy in air, and how your mistake might be making it more difficult for your memes to take off.

8 meme video mistakes are:

1. Too much text 

Try to keep the amount of text on your meme down overall, and make sure that what you include is amusing, or relevant to the meaning of the video. Memes depend on recognizability to be funny, try to choose a background that has been in other popular memes, or that is commonly used in gifs and images. If a viewer isn’t sure what your meme is about, the joke will be lost.

2. Processing video 

If you want to use a video that someone else has posted online, don’t just record it with your camera and upload it to youtube. The processing of the video can ruin the quality, and make the source material unrecognizable. A lot of people will get turned off when they notice you using cheap software, or a pirated copy of Final Cut Pro. Try to use a clean version of all footage in your meme, so that viewers aren’t distracted by all kinds of visual artifacts when they look at it.

3. Using copyrighted music

Sure it could be funny if you’re making a meme, but if the song/audio that you used has been lifted from some other source, and you haven’t received permission to use it, then your video will be removed. This is a serious problem, as YouTube uses an automated system to detect infringements. Make sure that the music in your meme is not illegal. Even if the song has no copyright issues, using edits of music or using clips with copyrighted audio can greatly hurt your chances of success on youtube.

4. Making low quality memes  

Making low quality memes is a big mistake in meme culture. You can make a good meme, but if it looks bad, people won’t want to share it because it’s ugly. If you release a video with bad resolution and poor sound quality, your video will look worse than it would have otherwise. Try to use a professional video editor, who can help you make the best quality meme video possible. Videos that are poorly edited look cheap, and may leave the viewer feeling confused about what you were trying to say, whether it’s a joke or not.

5 meme

5. Being self-indulgent  

Your meme is not your own personal piece of art. Don’t worry too much about the quality of the video, because it’s a meme, you can redo it and improve on it later. You might think that it will be funny or clever to include way too much text on your meme, but if your message is just muddled by all of the jokes and wordplay in the video, then your viewers will be confused about what you were trying to get across. Try to keep yourself out of your meme completely, and let the viewer figure out what you’re saying without having any help from you at all.

6. Being sexist  

It might be funny if you’re talking about how girls are all lame and fake, but chances are that adult women will look at your meme video and wonder why you think that you can pick on them like that. Don’t mention the gender of your target audience in the video, unless it’s something positive. You might alienate viewers when you insult their gender, so try to be careful about what you say.

7. Including curse words in memes

You might think that a meme would be better off with graphic language, but even if the word isn’t offensive in itself, if it’s used too much in a meme video it will probably be removed by youtube automatically because of its rating system.

8. Not having a clear message

People won’t dig very deep if you don’t clarify right away what the point of your meme is going to be. It’s okay to let them get into the joke, but they will probably skim over your video and come back later if they don’t know what to expect. If you’re trying to create a meme video, it’s important that there is something that you want to get across to your viewers. It could be a joke, or a point of view, but make sure that it’s not just some random nonsense about how cool you are. People will become confused about why they should care about your meme.


These mistakes could be the difference between your meme going viral, and your meme just falling on its face. If a viewer can’t understand what you want them to think, they will find something else to do with their time. Make sure that you’ve learned how to make high quality meme videos before you start trying to create your first one.


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