Light Technology On A Budget: 8 Tips

5 light
5 light

We all know that LED lights are more energy efficient and can last up to 10 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. However, the initial cost of LEDs can be prohibitive for many people. Ge 9 ft artificial aspen fir pre-lit led ez light technology dual color christmas tree. Fortunately, new technology has made it possible to find low cost LED lights that provide the same benefits of clear light without breaking the bank in the process.

8 tips to light technology on a budget are:

1. Shop Around

The first step in finding low cost LED lights is to look for sales and specials. Start by doing a simple Google search for “led fixture” or “led appliance”, you may be surprised with what you find. In addition to the type of lights and fixtures that are on sale, there are often coupons or discounts that can make LED lights significantly cheaper. For example, this weekend at Kohl’s they were offering 40% off all LEDs, including bulbs and lamps!

2. Look For Discounts

Because of the lower price, however, there are often less options to choose from. In comparison to regular incandescent bulbs, you may not find as many different types of LED lights to choose from. Many companies offer free shipping incentives as a way to increase sales during the holiday season. Also, it can be a great way to save money on products that are otherwise out of your budget. For example, one of my favorite online stores is called , which offers low cost LEDs with free ground shipping.

3. Buy in Bulk

Though many of us are looking for a low cost alternative, it can also be tempting to buy in bulk to get the same amount for less money. Certain online stores offer discounts when you buy in bulk and shipping costs usually remain the same regardless of how many units you purchase at one time. However, this can be a trap. Many of these stores will charge you a restocking fee if the new inventory is sent back.

4. Look For Specials

Many LED lights are sold on a month to month basis (that means they only come out once in that month) to help reduce the cost of manufacturing. If your company or organization requires low cost LEDs and you don’t see them advertised as available, check around for specials or coupons to make sure that you pay as little as possible for what you’re buying.

5 light

5. Utilize Your Own Energy Resources

LED lights can be costly to purchase, but it is important that all possible sources of free energy are exhausted before purchasing any type of lighting at all. For example, LED lights convert about 90% of the energy that is used into light, leaving only 10% converted into heat. This means that using LED lights can make it possible to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a building or home. Lighting technology is always evolving and growing in efficiency; however, few things are more efficient than the sun. Energy produced by solar devices will likely never be able to compete with available fossil fuels, but they are a much more sustainable alternative to other options available.

6. Become a Smart Consumer

It is all too common for people to buy products that are not designed to last. How many television, computers, etc. have you seen that malfunction shortly after the warranty has expired? Instead of buying products that do not last, search for reviews online and find out what people are saying about them. If something has a lot of bad reviews about it breaking down quickly and under normal conditions, it may be smarter to spend more money upfront on something that will last much longer for an equal price.

7. Invest in Branded LED Lights

Many of the low cost LED lights that you will find online will be either American made or have American made components in them. This means that you are investing in our country and helping manufacturers here at home to create products that will last longer and work better. Although there are many cheap LED lights available in the market, it is important to remember that with this technology you get what you pay for. It pays to invest in expensive branded products that include more technology and support than the average product.

8. Use Googledriving to find tips on light technology on a budget:

There are many ways to get this information. It can be worth googlerating “cheap led lights” as well as “led lighting”. However, check out the following link as it can help you get started. 


To sum up, it is important to keep in mind that when it comes to light technology, you need to buy the best quality products and warranties in order to get the most out of any investment. It is best not to overlook things such as durability or lifespan. When you buy cheap LED lights, you will be likely disappointed by their (often short) lifespan and struggle to replace them on a regular basis. Instead, consider going with a more expensive brand as they will be able to last for many years without needing replacement parts.


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