10 Clipart Tips From Experts


When it comes to creating content for your blog, website, or social media channels, clipart can be one of the most versatile tools in your arsenal. It offers an inexpensive way to add context and style to articles or posts on any topic with little-to-no overhead required. Fan clipart is a free image clip art website to help you find, share and download high-quality, affordable clipart images to use in your designs. It has the largest selection of free images on the web. Fan clipart is your complete source for free stock images, line art, icons, illustrations, backgrounds and much more. All clipart is free to use in commercial or personal designs.

The biggest advantage of using clipart is the huge variety of designs you can use in your projects. No matter what your niche is — be it food, fashion, decorating or technology — there’s a vast selection of images available to help you convey ideas. When you’re looking for clipart for your design project, a good place to start is by choosing a category that fits your topic. For example, if you’re writing about the benefits of eating healthy foods , then look to the Health & Fitness category for pictures of vegetables and fruits .

10 Clipart Tips From Experts :

1. Search for clipart by keyword.

When you’re looking to insert text into a graphic, the best way to find clipart is by searching for relevant keywords within the search bar on fanclipart.com. If you’re writing about healthy eating, type that phrase into the search bar and see what types of images are returned. If you aren’t getting many results, try searching for other variants of your phrase that might work better. 

2. Find the fonts you need.

One major benefit of using clipart is the ability to incorporate different fonts into your post. But you have to be careful as it can be easy to overuse them and make your content look garish, especially on smaller platforms. So when it comes to adding text into images, always keep in mind what font your readers will find most appropriate.

3. Get creative with color.

While you’re searching for clipart by keyword, don’t forget to think about the colors in the images that are popping up in your search results. When those search results come up on fanclipart.com, the images are automatically displayed with a white background, which is great for placing text over an image. 

If you want to offer more color contrast, you can use a tool like ColorPic from imgix to change the background color of any image . That way, you can choose which colors complement each other best and how much contrast between them helps make your post stand out from others’.

4. Double-check copyright info on media resources sites.

If you’ve never used the search engine Google Images , it’s a great source for pulling up a wide range of images that aren’t available on fanclipart.com. But you have to make sure that you thoroughly review the copyright information for each image that you intend to use in your design. If the image isn’t free to use, then move on to another option until you find what works best for your blog post or website. When using an image found through Google Images, look at the bottom right of the page in order to see its licensing terms and conditions.

5. Keep it simple with line art.

When you’re looking for clipart, avoid using photos and stick with only drawing lines and shapes instead. Drawing line art is a great way to use clipart independently of the formatting that you provide, but it’s also fun simply because you can use different types of lines and shapes. So, if you’re writing about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, drawing boxes, arrows and lines will help show how having a healthy lifestyle is beneficial to your readers. If you’re writing about fashion , instead, try out heart or diamond shapes .

6. Get creative with icons.

When it comes to adding icons into an image that has text, you might not want to stick to just one type of icon. For example, if you’re writing about health and fitness , then using a stop sign, a heart and a pair of running shoes can help your readers understand the benefits of being healthy. That can be great for anyone who is having trouble learning about how eating healthy foods can help them stay healthy in the long run.

7. Use icons to show comparisons.

When it comes to getting creative with icons, don’t limit yourself to serving one function. For example, if you’re writing about how simple it can be to balance your diet and eat healthily , try comparing that process with something like eating chocolate cake . It could show your readers a simple way to balance their diet by at least getting rid of some foods they don’t need.

8. Add icons to supporting text links.

When you’re writing a single piece of content, sometimes you want to link back to your previous content piece or post using the same font and color choices that other text uses throughout your work. But those links might be too subtle to notice when used on their own. That’s where icons can come in handy.

9. Consider using a customized font for certain images.

When you’re looking for clipart, it can be easy to just choose one that fits with the rest of your post and move on from there. But if you want the visuals to stand out from your other content in a more interesting way, then try using a custom font instead . That can be a great way to make your post stand out from the rest of your content and improve the overall look of your graphics.

10. Think about how you’re going to use an image when choosing clipart.

As mentioned before, one big benefit of using clipart is that it can help make any text more interesting and appealing to readers. That’s why some people use clipart not only because they need help expressing themselves visually, but also because they want something interesting to go along with their text .


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