The Future of Faha Clothing, According to an Expert.

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What is faha clothing?

Faha clothing is a set of clothes that you wear for a certain “faha” or mood. There are six different types: spooky, vivacious, classy, charming, sweet and natural. The faha mood you choose will dictate what type of clothes you wear.

What does each mask do to your mood?

The spooky mask will make you feel like being naughty and exciting; the vivacious mask will make you energetic and outgoing; the classy mask will make you feel sophisticated and gorgeous; the charming mask will increase your social skills by letting them get to know people better; the sweet mask will make you become more open-minded to others while making others feel less shy with their approach towards you. The natural mask will actually make you more confident and stable when you’re around people that makes you feel good.

How do I know what mask I can wear?

First, take your mood and put it in the left column beside our six faha moods: spooky, vivacious, classy, charming, sweet and natural. Then add the colors of your eyes (according to our trend page) in the corresponding row of each mood. This will tell you which color should be your clothes’ theme. Example: If you are in a spooky mood, then greenish eyes and blend it with the grayish tone of your clothes would match the “natural mood”.

How can I tell what faha mood I am in?

Click on the image on the right or click here to open our mood guide. You will see five different images. Pick up the one that tells you which faha mood you are in. Once you’ve picked up your mood, click “Fahaa-Vu” at the top left corner of our website and add your choice of mask to it. We’ll show you what would happen if you wore them!

How can I find clothes?

First: Take a look at our trending page. There are three rows with different colors: spooky, vivacious, classy, charming, sweet and natural for each faha mood. Click on that row to find out the color of clothes you should wear.

Second: If our trending page doesn’t show you anything, then go through our faha fashion page. It is organized by colors. Click on the color that fits your faha mood and click “pick”. We will show you about 20 dresses for each faha mood!

How can I match my makeup with my clothes?

If you’re looking for a way to make your eyes pop, try using our trend page first. If it shows “bold”, use bolder colors on your lips or eye shadow; if it shows “natural”, then try using nude shades instead. You can always look on the faha makeup page for ideas.

How can I access the links?

Click on the logo in the top right corner. There will be a menu. Click on “Fashion” and you will see all of our pages: fashion, makeup, moods and more! Click on the faha face at the top left corner to open fahaa-vu. There you can pick your faha mood or any topic you want to see related lists for. You can always go back to it by clicking the logo at the top right corner and selecting “Fashion”. We have a lot of things that we are planning for our website. So feel free to look around. If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know.

What’s the trend in faha makeup? 

The most popular faha makeup is bold and glamorous. Eyes are emphasized more with a natural color while lips are highlighted with light colors. Popular colors include red and orange. We have makeup tutorials to show you how to put on your faha makeup as well!  In which mood should I wear it? Bold makeup will match any mood except for spooky, which is scary and bold-looking.


1. Bold makes your eyes look bigger and brighter.

2. It’s fun to wear and apply!

3. It’s not time-consuming to do your makeup in the morning.


1. You will look too put together if you wear bold makeup to faint occasions such as class or a movie with friends, because bold makeup is for formal occasions like a party or a wedding birthday.

2. If you wear too much bold makeup you may look like a high school kid.

3. If you wear too much faha makeup when your real personality is normal and calm, others will think of you as a faha.

How to apply bold makeup?

1. Start with a bright pink blush on your cheeks and go down towards your neckline with the same bright pink color.  On your forehead, wet your fingers slightly to make the dark pink blush thick and apply it to get a more solid look.  Be careful not to mess up since it’s already hard enough for people looking at you to interpret how you feel.

3. Next, use a small pink or black eyeliner to put on the rim of your eyes. On the outer corner of your eyes, put two dots for people to notice your eyes even more.  After that, use a black or white eyeshadow to fill in the top part of the eye which will make you look darker and mysterious.

4. Finish it off with a mascara that makes your eyelashes thick but not over-the-top and red (or pale pink if you prefer) lipstick that fits with high-school girls’ style (that’s why bold makeup is for formal occasions).  If you need some ideas about where to buy makeup, click here .


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