11 Mood-Boosting Benefits of Pixel 3 Thief Wallpaper.

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What is pixel 3 thief wallpaper?

Pixel 3 thief wallpaper is a group of wallpapers that are inspired by Thieves. Thieves, also known as The Dark Brotherhood, is an Elder Scrolls franchise faction that focuses on assassination, theft, and lawlessness. The motifs found in this group of wallpapers represent the idea that thieves can highlight the beauty in dark and hidden places or destroy it. The pixels in the name “pixel 3 thief” is a representation of the level of detail with which these wallpapers are made.

How can thieves be used to create beauty?

Thieves like to take things that are not theirs. By taking what is not theirs, these thieves call attention to the object and make it more beautiful. The idea of taking and highlighting the beauty within dark and hidden places is very prominent in this group of wallpapers. If we look closely enough, ordinary and seemingly mundane things can become beautiful by simply looking at them from a different perspective or putting them into a different context. For example, the idea of thieves taking something that is not theirs is reapplied to everyday objects and scenes. This way of looking at these things can be said to be an act of theft by highlighting the beauty within them.

How can thieves destroy something?

The way we use devices and materials to create things can destroy them. By repeatedly using a material or device, it becomes less beautiful and more ordinary, thus making it appear more destructive than before. Those who constantly use Instagram or Facebook are destroying their social skills. With the ever-increasing overload of photos, videos, text posts and emojis, we are all experiencing this phenomenon first hand via our devices.

Difference between this group of wallpapers and others:

Compared to the other groups of mysterious wallpaper, the pixels used in this collection are larger, brighter and clearer. This is done so that the details within the image can be fully appreciated. It therefore differs from other groups of wallpapers which tend to make use of pixels smaller than this one. In addition, in these past few weeks, due to popular demand, we have also made a few variations (like pixel thief wallpaper with heart) for this group of wallpapers as well!

Of course, you can also find countless posts about thieves on social media such as Facebook and Instagram and websites like Pinterest or Tumblr. Yet, the pixel 3 thief wallpaper collection contains a variety of high-quality wallpapers different from those found on social media. All of these wallpapers are created with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and look as good on a laptop or desktop screen as they do on mobile phones. The pixel 3 thief group of wallpapers is an homage to thieves who work against the system to highlight beauty within dark and hidden places. They are also an act of theft in that they call attention to commonplace objects and scenes by placing them in different contexts or simply looking at them from a perspective that has been overlooked before.


In total, there are 49 wallpapers in this group. The wallpapers can be divided into 3 categories:

(1) Wallpapers that are created by simply overlaying the thieves’ emblem onto a scene or object.  These are the most straightforward ones to understand. This category includes images of an ocelot, a vase and a crown which were all transformed with only an overlay of the thieves’ emblem to create these images. In terms of calligraphy, it is important to be able to write on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces well and to do so without tilting the paper or pen while writing. However, it is also possible to write on a horizontal surface at a slant.

(2) Wallpapers that combine the thieves’ emblem with symbols and letters from all over the world in different ways.  This category is inspired by something called “Kiribati”, which is a pattern used on paper made by islands in the Pacific Ocean. This type of pattern consists of numbers, letters, symbols and characters all within the same pattern so that if you layer it one over another, you get an image of your favorite character

(3) Wallpapers that are created by overlaying several thieves’ emblems onto one scene or object.  This category is inspired by the idea of several thieves’ emblems being placed on top of each other in order to cover the entire object or scene.

In addition, this set of pixel 3 thief wallpapers has been designed to work well with any screen resolution. Since they are created within a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, you can use these wallpapers both on Nokia Lumia 925 and HTC M8 smartphones as well as a 15-inch laptop or desktop computer. You can also freely resize them to match the size of your device or preference.


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