Introducing A Revolutionary Method To Master Virtual Staging


Virtual staging has quickly become one of the hottest trends in home staging, but every client wants a different look and feel. Some clients want small, intimate spaces while others are looking for huge, grandiose displays. Some need their home to be ultra modern while others want everything to have a vintage feel. The good news is that there are solutions to all of these problems. Pali baby furniture is a great example of how the best staging companies can provide a customized look to each client.

Pali makes hand-carved wooden cribs and changing tables that are specially designed for photography. The brand creates high-end furniture that is made for small spaces, but it isn’t going to break the bank. Virtual staging is a very unique niche in home staging, but it has proven to be useful in helping homeowners sell their properties more quickly while still maintaining a high level of quality.

Introducing A Revolutionary Method To Master Virtual Staging :

1. Start the conversation.

Tell your client, “I have a great idea to help you sell your home faster” and then discuss virtual staging as an option. This will get the ball rolling towards making it a reality. You may be surprised by their reactions as many homeowners are fully on board with this type of staging as long as it does not cost them very much money or take up a lot of time.

2. Create a plan for placement and think about function.

The best virtual staging companies have everything planned out before anything is delivered to the property. This includes furniture that has been specially modified for photography so that it doesn’t look overly staged when viewed online by interested buyers.

3. Create and schedule delivery.

If you are working with a virtual staging company, they will create everything as it is delivered to the property so that everything looks exactly like it is supposed to. In many cases, this will be the last thing done before your job is finished. After all of the furniture has been placed in the home and it is all set up for virtual touring, take some time for photography sessions with the family. This is where you really get a feel for what kind of look your client wants from their home’s staged display. You may also want to get professional photo shots of each room in the house to help inform potential buyers about what they will find once they come to inspect their new abode.

4.Make it look real.

This is an area where viewers can see right through a staged home. You want to make sure that your client’s home looks like it has actually been lived in by a family. This can be achieved by adding personal items like books, children’s toys, and magazines that have current year dates on them. This will help show the home as a place where people live instead of just a place that is being shown during the prime time of 90 minutes after dinner on Sunday night.

5. Schedule photos for the virtual tour professional.

It is very important that you schedule a time for photos that will be done by your virtual staging company. They will have access to professional cameras and lighting equipment that you could never afford to put in your own home. This will help provide a professional look and help it stand out from other homes in your city.

6. Update existing listings to show the new staging techniques.

For those sellers who are late on the market, this can be seen as an advantage because it can give the impression that their home is ready to go right away rather than having been staged over several months with each room being set up in different ways according to what they feel would get them the most attention.

7. Schedule a photographer to showcase the home.

Now that you’ve completed all of the work, it’s time to schedule a photoshoot with a professional in order to showcase your virtual staging skill set and get those beautiful photos to potential buyers. Make sure you take advantage of this time and make it look as beautiful as possible. Show off your skills by giving buyers a sneak peek of what they will get should they choose to purchase this home. It will put you ahead of the competition and give buyers confidence that they are looking at exactly what is inside the home before they even step foot in it for an inspection.

8. Edit, rate, and prepare for sale.

When it comes to virtual staging, you want to take the time to edit each piece of furniture and make sure that it appears as though it came from a real home. Give it a realistic finish and make it look like it has been used for years instead of just a few days. Also, you will want to select pieces that are truly in need of updating and have things like light switches that look like they haven’t been looked at in years. 


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