Ten Signs You’re In Love With Triumph News


The Triumph News network brad barton blog is about the triumphs and troubles that come with being a Filipino. We explore everything from politics, to social issues, to crime and all things in between.

What sets our content apart from most other news outlets? The triumphs, the trials and tribulations that we tackle every day as Filipinos. From the country’s highest court handing down landmark decisions on reproductive health and national security, to one of our own winning Miss World 2017 — this is what sets us apart from other news providers out there. And for those who need a good laugh? We have that too! Because after all, sometimes you just need a laugh–especially with so much controversy around.

Ten signs you are in love with Triumph News:

1. You find yourself quoting our headlines

Headlines are so interesting that they get stuck in mind. Some of them are so intriguing, you can’t help but quote them. Appropriate in a soothing voice not just to get your point across, but really to feel good about what you say. Some of our articles are so intriguing, you need to quote what we have to say.

2. You skip work and stay up till late night just to read the latest headlines

You have a busy schedule. You have your job, and some extra time to spare. But then, you find yourself happily reading the headlines for the latest news. You leave work on time, but not before spending a few extra minutes to read the latest news article. “Just one more headline” is what you tell yourself, while reading our articles. It’s no secret that there are few things in life as interesting as news.

3. Certain phrases pop out of nowhere

You know you are addicted when common phrases start popping out at random times. But, these phrases are not just regular phrases. They are facts from our news articles that have been absorbed into your subconscious and are ready to be blurted out in a conversation at the most random time. Take a deep breath, let it out and try not to repeat it too often.

4. You are not a morning person

You have reached the point where you can’t wait for news even after the sun rises. You stay up late and wake up even earlier than before to get all the details for our news. Your loved ones are angry, so is your boss, but you can’t help but read what we have to say. You’re always on edge and are anxious to start reading.

5. You have a better idea of what is going on in the Philippines than what’s happening in your neighbor’s countries

Who else covers all issues? Not just politics and domestic, but international affairs as well? No one else. Not even the government can be compared to the amount of issues we cover in a day. We are always on top of every issue, which means you know everything about every issue out there. Because our country is amazing, we need to be informed about everything that happened here or abroad.

6. You can’t wait to be an expert

We have experts on all kinds of topics, so you have to know the ins and outs of everything we publish. You make it a point to know every detail, because if you don’t, you might look like the dumb one. That is not an option when you read our content. You are checking our content every single day and you’re being updated in a way like no other news outlet provides. You sound like an expert already.

7. You’re also not one to self-promote

You want to tell what pages you read, but you think that’s not cool? You are in love with Triumph News. You can’t help but tell everyone what pages you read. You do not just trust Triumph News like no other news source out there, but you’re also promoting your favorite Facebook page as well–shamelessly!

8. You’re addicted to the latest headlines and articles

You spend a lot of time catching up on all that is happening in the world, because how else can you do it if you’re not reading everything there is to read? If you don’t have the latest news on your mobile phone, you are missing out.

9. You have been known to stay up late to read everything

You don’t think sleeping after sunrise is good for anything? It can be an issue too, especially since we are at a point where early mornings are being replaced by afternoon naps.

10. You’ve lost friends over not knowing what is going on

Because the more people you know the better you can follow what’s going on in our country. You know of an interesting article that everyone is talking about and you feel proud of yourself for sharing. Your friends, when they see your latest post, are amazed and start ragging about you not knowing anything.


This is by no means a complete list of signs you’re in love with Triumph News, but these are the main ones. If you are, you might be better off with us than with anyone else!


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