Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About News Blogs

News Blogs
News Blogs

The news is a tricky beast and there are so many misleading or outright false headlines written daily. I want you to know that that’s changing, and bloggers like myself are on the front lines of bringing truth back to the people. These blogs are curated by journalists and non-profits who research articles and headlines extensively before they’re posted. It’s not easy work, but it must be done in order for us to survive as a people. Bikernet news is 100% free and we are all 100% volunteer. The money made from ads on the website go directly to paying writers and online expenses. Share this link with everyone you know, so we can get the word out there and wake everyone up.

While this article is partly satirical in nature, it is also very true to the situation of what’s going on right now in America and across the world. We have a media élite that makes a vast amount of money from misleading and false information. They are the ones who push these agenda’s onto their readers, in order to further fuel their own personal agendas and make them rich. 

The Truth About News Blogs :

1. Never trust a headline. 

Many times they are either misleading or flat out false. Check the source of the story and research it yourself before reading on. There are so many magazines, websites and blogs that only post stories that make them money. The truth is out there, it’s just buried under layers of misleading headlines.

2. Trust your instincts. 

There was a time when it was easy for people to trust their instincts about what they read in the news, but those days are long gone due to the influence of television networks such as CNN that constantly push agenda’s onto their viewers and readers alike. But you’re still allowed to use your own judgment in order to make your own decisions on what you’ll believe or not believe.

3. Avoid clickbait headlines. 

This is why we created what we call ‘meta-tags’ in order to avoid clickbait headlines, which are usually self-cataloged in an effort to be popular. Our meta-tags are used to describe the article and it’s subject matter so that the reader can decide whether or not the article is worth reading. It also helps us avoid having to resort to clickbait headlines in order to get you to read them.

4. Although clicks are important, quality content is more important. 

We only publish news because we believe it’s important for the people to know the truth, so in order to do what we have to do, we need to find interesting and informative articles that will interest a wide audience. Quality journalism is hard to find, so it’s difficult for us to keep up with all of the articles that are out there. We hope you will take the time to read a couple and help us all by sharing articles with your friends and family, who also suffer from bad information being pushed onto them through mainstream media.

5. The news will be censored. 

The biggest issue facing real journalism today is that if you don’t follow the mainstream media’s agenda, they will either blackball or ignore you completely. This means it’s up to us bloggers and amateur journalists to get the truth out there, since most news outlets won’t cover stories that make them money or that go against their agenda. This means we have to do everything by ourselves and rely on our audience to share the info with their networks.

6. If it doesn’t interest you, don’t read it. 

You’d be surprised at how much time there is in a day, and how many articles there are out there that won’t interest you in the least. We, especially myself as the editor of Bikernet News, want to make sure that our articles are something that everyone can enjoy reading and learn from as well. It’s not easy work we’re doing here, but it’s important if we want to change the world for the better.

7. Trust your gut. 

If you see an article that makes you think of a specific person or organization, and it gets you to click on it, then there’s probably a reason for that. The brain is a powerful tool and can do amazing things under the right circumstances. I know sometimes the gut reaction can be wrong, but in most cases they are correct, especially if you have a good feeling about something beforehand.

8. Think for yourself. 

If you’re just blindly accepting what everyone else tells you is true, then you’re only hurting yourself in the long run. Find your own truth, be you and live life on your own terms. Don’t be afraid of what others believe or say to you.


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