Ways To Make Your French Press Coffee Maker Last Longer

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How many times have you been prepared to make your morning cup of coffee and discovered that the French press plunger was stuck? It’s incredibly frustrating, isn’t it? Well, if you want to avoid this problem in the future, check out these seven ways to make your French press coffee maker last longer so that you can enjoy fresh cups of coffee all day long. Buying from cafeduchateau.net is an added advantage as the French press coffee maker can be easily cared for.

1) Clean it regularly

French press coffee makers are known for being straightforward and easy to use, but they require a certain level of upkeep. To keep your coffee tasting great and your coffee maker working like new, it’s important that you clean it regularly. Just remember: even if you think it’s not necessary, cleaning your French press on a regular basis will extend its life by years. At least once a week, wash out your French press with hot water (the hotter, the better). Use soap or another detergent as needed—you want to get rid of any coffee residue in order to prevent mold from growing inside. For more thorough cleaning, use vinegar or lemon juice (both acidic substances) to scrub off grime. Afterward, run some plain water through it—but don’t put in any coffee grounds just yet!

2) Use Warm Water

Don’t just shove in your french press coffee maker with cold water! Using hot water helps get rid of some of those elements like chlorine that can affect your brew. Additionally, use a scale when making coffee with a french press so you know how much ground coffee goes into each cup. You can also consider getting a ceramic French press so as not to harm it by letting it come into contact with metal. Finally, use a gentle soap (no steel wool!) on everything else that touches your brewer.

3) Always Grind Beans Fresh

French press coffee makers are generally easier and cheaper than other types of coffee makers, but they’re not nearly as durable. To get a few more cups out of your French press, avoid grinding beans ahead of time. Grinding them fresh gives you a shorter freshness window but also keeps your brew tasting fresh and full-flavored, rather than sour or stale.

4) Avoid Extreme Temperatures

The plastic and rubber components in your coffee maker can break down over time when exposed to extreme temperatures. For example, if you store your French press near a window that gets direct sunlight for long periods of time, its components will be subject to harsh temperatures and ultraviolet light. If you have pets or small children in your household, make sure they don’t accidentally knock it off a countertop or stovetop. All of these factors can harm your coffee maker and reduce its lifespan.

5) Refrain from Fast Brewing Times

One of coffee’s best qualities is its remarkable ability to bring us together. In fact, many would argue that coffee can help us achieve a higher sense of humanity. With all these benefits in mind, it makes sense to do everything possible to extend your french press’ lifespan, right? One way you can do just that is by using relatively cool water when brewing. Brewing at boiling temperatures can cause your glass carafe and mesh plunger to crack prematurely—not a good thing!


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