How To Prepare For Teacher Training Examinations

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wes hicks 4 EeTnaC1S4 unsplash

How have you been coping with the sudden shift of the educational industry to digital platforms? For teachers and students, it has been an extremely challenging thing that they not only had to change their mediums but also morals. There was a time when students and parents believed that it was very inconvenient to study online means because, although there is the availability of live calls, some students just cannot get the essence of it as they would have in the traditional form of teaching. Just as it is difficult for students to cope teachers have also gone through extreme changes and multiple pieces of training to make sure that not only are they adapting to the means, but also making it easier for the experience of students.

The goal is always the same, to enhance learning methods and maximize the amount of information that can be imparted through online teaching sites. These online teaching sites come in various forms, but the teachers always follow similar morals in schools and universities. If you are a teacher looking for some extra guidance, or basic steps to improve your way as an educator, you can follow the given tips.

Sign up for courses

This goes unsaid that you have to sign up to some online teaching sites. Although the practicality comes afterward where you take up the qualities you wish to, and consider convenient, without a professional course and official certificate, teachers can’t find a reliable school or university to employ them.

But let’s not forget that it is not about the employment, some other professionals trust online teaching sites which take up private tutors. this is where your skill set will come into use. Your skillset mostly consists of two important parts, hard skills, and soft skills. 

Hard skills relate to your qualification, the amount of knowledge you have from different resources, and your area of expertise. Every teacher is not assigned for all the subjects, usually, these specialize in a specific one which they have studied with professionally at some point in their life. If you are an economics teacher, you must have at least an undergraduate degree, although postgraduate is preferred since it means you have a higher understanding that can help out students for concept clearing.

Soft skills include the following

  • Communication qualities that will be essential for building a good student-teacher relationship, and also a parent-teacher relationship so that you can communicate shortcomings and progress reports if the parents in times of need.
  • Knowledge importing capabilities. Although some people are extremely knowledgeable, they find it difficult to make other individuals understand. This is where practicality comes in, you as a teacher will have to decide your method or procedure of teaching.
  • Problem-solving capabilities. students might face difficulties related to their subjects, or among classmates. You take care not only about their intellectual development but also about their progress as an individual.
  • Question-solving. You never know which student will come up with what kind of doubt, it is you who needs to get done with your homework first before taking a class. Remember, as a teacher you are expected to know almost everything about the topic you are teaching.

Practical experience

You will learn a lot of things from professional courses, online teaching sites. But there is nothing that can beat practical experience. Start small with a few students, this could be in an offline setting if you are inexperienced with virtual platforms. You get to know how the mind of a student works, and get used to the different personalities of students while keeping up with each one of these. 

Always remember that teachers are the role models, and usually students look up to their teachers for motivation. You don’t have to be the perfect person, you simply have to better yourself every day and make sure that your students are also doing the same. Whether it is kindergarten training, Montessori, REET, or B.Ed that you are planning to do, there is no stopping you once your passions are realized. Being a teacher is not easy, but it is one of the most rewarding professions in life. You get to contribute to the development of a nation, playing a role in building the pillars of a country, aiming for success and growth in every step.


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