Bettering your lifestyle with water ionizer and its market capitalization

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Water ionizer, also known as Alkaline water ionizer, is the scientifically advanced machine that separates acidic and basic components of water through a process called electrodialysis. It divides water into two different chambers. Through this process, one gets water having higher and lower pH than 7 (neutral level). Water having lower pH than seven is called acidic water, and one that has greater pH than seven is called alkaline or basic water. Alkaline water found extensive uses in many fields. Its biological use is subject to controversy. But there is no supportive evidence available to it.

How water ionizer works

Water ionizers use electricity and work on a mechanism of electromagnetism to convert running water into ionized water. Running water is a combination of both basic components and acidic components (carbonates – dissolved carbon dioxide). Water ionizer separates both components of tap water and stores it in two different rooms. The water ionizer makes tap water free from carbonates which helps basic components to gain antioxidant potential and acid fighting alkalinity.

In a water ionizer, there is an advanced membrane called ion-permeable membrane, which allows only ions to pass through and restrict neutral particles. The charge on alkaline minerals is positive and on the acidic part is negative.

Inside, there are electrically charged plates that attract opposite nature ions to them. Here the acidic component of the water gets attracted to the positive plate of the water ionizer. In contrast, the alkaline part, which is positively charged, gets attracted to a negative plate of water ionizers.

The water ionizer uses two-step to get the desire out. In the first step, it removes harmful impurities. Harmful impurities like chlorine, sediment, organic water, and bacteria. This is done by passing water through multiple chambers. After that, charge particles are added to the purified water to start the second step. The +ve ions get accumulated near the negative plates to give reduced water, and the negative ions get accumulated near the +ve plate to make oxidized water. The acidic water also found its use in different fields, whereas the alkaline water is fit for drinking and cooking. Hence both components have their importance in their respective areas. So, the water ionizer covers tepid water into alkaline (> 7) and acidic components (< 7).

Market of water ionizer

Water ionizers have a bigger market due to their extensive use. The by-product of the process, acidic water, has many services in cleaning and sanitizing. And alkaline water is used for drinking and cooking purposes. The re-mineralization process is also working as fuel to give a boost to this industry over others. In order to get low oxidation-reduction potential, many manufacturers have started using more and more plates in a water ionizer. 

In recent years, the global market for water ionizers has seen a significant increase in demand. A vast number of people have accepted the controversial benefits of alkaline diets. Humans have used this for over a year, and due to its benefits, it has become a need of the hour now. The fundamental driver of market demand has been this issue, along with the public’s sensitivity to unconfirmed information. Vendors in the worldwide water ionizer market are expected to benefit from the popularity of their devices as disputes over the health advantages of alkaline water heat up. Hence, extensive use coupled with pseudoscientific claims helps grow the market of water ionizers at a pronounced speed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of water ionizer


  1. It improves hydration of the human body and blood viscosity
  2. Due to its antioxidative properties, free radicals from the body get reduced, affecting our body health in the long term
  3. It prevents bone loss and improves diabetes. This makes it unique in the market and hence worth to Use


  1. Due to its basic nature, it reduces belly acidity, giving rise to some pathogens that ultimately affect us
  2. Due to the filtration process, we encounter mineral deficiency in alkaline water
  3. It will not be working correctly if the tap water is soft. Electrolysis can’t be performed with soft water
  4. Due to its expensive process, alkaline water is too costly, and its machine is also in a red cost range for an average population.


A water ionizer is a household appliance used to increase the pH of tepid tap water. Its by-product, acidic water, is used in cleaning and sanitization. Alkaline water has many benefits, and its market has been growing at a sound rate over the years. There are many companies who are offering the best range of water ionizers and many more. Every coin has two sides, and the case of the water ionizer is no different. It has many advantages with some disadvantages to it.


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