What are the most popular online slot games?

Online slots have been at the very pinnacle of the gambling industry for the last two decades, usurping other much older casino games from their throne in an actually quite amazingly short time. But then again, have you ever played a modern online slot game? These games are so ridiculously good that it is absolutely no wonder that they are so popular, indeed, can you think of a more exciting gambling game to play in the modern world? 

Important developers like NetEnt, Big Time Gaming and Microgaming have been outrageously vital in the continued evolution of the online slots industry, making sure that people are never without a quality new slot game to play. It all leads us to the question – what are the most popular online slot games? Over the years there have been a fair few incredibly successful and popular phone casino slot games, keep reading for our pick of the bunch. 

What makes a popular online slot game? 

Before we get into some concrete examples of popular online slot games we are first going to examine what it is that makes a popular online slot game in the first place. It’s always good to know this, you see, because with this knowledge you can work out for yourself what online slot games will be popular. 

Here are a few things to consider: 

·         Great theme: In most cases for an online slot game to be popular it will have to have either a unique theme, or one that is expertly executed, even though other people have done it before. Indeed, online slot themes are actually some of the most important parts of the entire industry; especially considering game themes are what sets them apart from other casino games.

·         Exciting and lucrative bonus features: In the modern online slots world you also won’t get very far without a set of exciting and lucrative bonus features. This is one of the main things that slots fanatics look out for after all, so developers really need to make sure they get it spot on.

·         Smooth game design: One thing that a lot of people take for granted about slots that come from the top-tier developers like NetEnt or Big Time Gaming is the fact that they are all expertly designed with exceptional visual smoothness. Not all games are like this though, and it is an instant turn off if you play a slot that is too clunky and pixelated. 

A pick of the most popular online slot games 

Right then, we have established what it is that makes a popular online slot game, now it’s time to give you a few key examples. Here are our picks of the most popular online slot games:

·         Rainbow Riches: There really aren’t many more online slot games that are anywhere near as popular as Rainbow Riches, a series of slot games that pretty much singlehandedly popularised the “luck of the Irish” theme in the industry.

·         Fluffy Favourites: Eyecon’s Fluffy Favourites is an idyllic portrait of childhood that wowed countless slot gamblers on its release and still does so today.

·         Starburst: NetEnt’s Starburst was one of the first online slots to feature such insanely HD 3D graphics, and for that reason it is still massively popular today.

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