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Dogs have been around man since ancient times. From historical records, we find that our ancestors kept dogs around for various purposes, the most common being for hunting. Thousands of years ago dogs accompanied our ancestors to hunt since their sense of smell is several times stronger than ours. They were not only used to sniff out prey but were also used to chase them into traps or areas where the hunter could take better shots. 

Although many of the activities our ancestors engaged in have long been phased out, humans still engage in hunting today. Like our ancestors, hunters still go out into the wild with dogs they can rely on for several things, including protection. For most dog owners today, however, these animals are pets and are treated as members of the family. 

That said, no matter how much these animals are pampered and trained to control some of their natural tendencies, certain traits like being overly protective of their owner and home cannot be controlled. While this tendency isn’t as strong in some breeds, it is more pronounced in others. This is why breeds that fall into the second category are often kept and trained as guard dogs. 

Like we mentioned earlier, some pet owners keep dogs for other reasons like companionship and emotional support, not necessarily for protection. However, there are people that for some reason need guard dogs in or around their homes. This set of people may have certain valuables they want to be kept safe or perhaps their neighborhood isn’t all that safe, and they would like to protect themselves and their families. 

In this article, we’ll look at three of the best guard dogs breed you can raise to keep your home safe and free from invaders or burglars. However, if this isn’t your thing, you can check out Holistapet or other animal expert sites to learn about other breeds. In no particular order, the following are what we think are the three best guard dogs you can rely on:

1. Bullmastiff

It’s quite difficult to find all the right qualities in one dog but somehow, the Bullmastiff seems to have them all. Although incredibly strong and agile, this breed has a great temperament that baffles many owners. It’s almost as if they can interpret every situation perfectly. 

Bullmastiffs are highly intelligent dogs and are quick to pick up cues and respond to training. That said, you’ll quickly find that this breed does not enjoy doing the same task over and again.  They are active and one can easily tell from their build that they are physically strong. 

They are loyal and loving to the members of their family but are usually aloof to strangers, as guard dogs should be. Bullmastiffs are courageous and will hardly back away from a fight, no matter the opponent. 

Bullmastiffs are generally regarded as large or big dogs, making them perfectly capable of attacking even large humans. Adult females weigh between 45 and 54 kg with their height maxing out at around 66 cm. Adult males weigh between 50 and 59 kg and grow up to heights of between 64 and 68 cm. Life expectancy is between 8 and 10 years.

2. Rottweiler 

Rottweilers are arguably the top guard dog. They were originally used as herders for cattle because of their power and agility until the Romans began training them into ruthless war dogs. The aggression their ancestors were trained to exhibit is still present in most Rottweilers which makes them ideal for handling strangers. 

It is wary of strangers and will remain that way until the stranger is properly introduced to it. What this means is that if you have kids, it is best to bring in a Rottweiler when it is still a pup. This way, it gets to bond with every member of the family early on. Click here to learn more about bonding with Rottweilers. 

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Description automatically generatedThey love their family and are calm around faces they know. However, they constantly monitor unfamiliar faces in or around the house and may attack if they sense that their family may be exposed to danger. Therefore, owners of this breed are advised to train them to know the kind of situations in which they can attack. 

Also, during training, ensure your dog understands that you are the alpha. Adult Rottweilers may become disobedient if you do not handle them firmly. That said, you will want to do this with caution because this breed does not react well to harsh treatment. Try to find a balance between being firm and respectful of the dog. 

This breed has all the basics of a protective dog covered. It is alert, protective, self-assured, quick, strong, and smart. They are a medium-large breed with female adults weighing between 38 and 52 kg and can grow up to 63 cm in height. Adult males tend to grow bigger, typically weighing between 43 and 59 kg, and can grow up to 69 cm in height. This breed has a life expectancy of between 10 and 14 years. 

3. Great Dane

Great Danes are great fighters which may be one of the reasons a lot of people keep around. They are active clever and have an active personality. They are among the tallest, if not the tallest breed of dogs. Although quick-tempered, Great Danes tend to follow their owners’ commands without many objections. 

They are easy to train and can be great companions for the family. They are naturally calm, but you can trust them to do a great job of protecting their family and the home if the need arises. While they may not be as aggressive as other guard dogs, their sheer size and height are usually enough to ward off intruders. Visit https://www.womansday.com/life/pet-care/g29364425/tallest-dog-breeds/ to find other tall dog breeds. 

Like we said earlier, they are one of the tallest dog breeds in the world. Females Great Danes grow to heights of between 71 and 81 cm and weigh between 45 and 59 kg. Adult males grow to impressive heights of between 76 and 86 cm and can weigh up to 90 kg. Life expectancy is between 6 and 12 years. 

Final Thoughts

For new dog owners guard dogs like the Rottweiler and the Cane Corso may be too much to handle since these dogs are naturally aggressive. Breeds like the Great Dane and the Boxer, on the other hand, are less aggressive but are great guard dogs, nonetheless. 

Before getting one, it is important for you to also know how much outdoor exercise it requires to stay active. This is because most guard dogs need regular exercise to stay in shape and maintain their alertness. So make sure you check this and compare it with your schedule to know if you can dedicate the time needed to keep the dog physically tasked. 


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