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These days, it has become important for eCommerce businesses to market their products and services digitally to get desired success. The competitive marketplace is one reason why digital marketing has become important for eCommerce businesses.

And digital marketing yields the best results on social media platforms. The social media channels are strong platforms for sharing content, building links, creating discussions, and targeting buyer persona.

Here, Facebook deserves special mention as the video advertisements on this platform offer a plethora of benefits. They offer the scopes for getting success and increasing leads while promising high returns on investment as well.

Let’s dive into the benefits here:

Facebook Video Ads Have the Highest Retail ROAS

Reports suggest Facebook video advertisements are the best performing ad types for all forms of eCommerce business. In fact, the platform is dominating the marketplace with its Messenger and Feed ad types.

If statistics are to be believed, around 41% of the marketers claim that the portal has offered them the best of ROAS, positioning it right on top of the most well-known social media platforms for marketing.

Better Ad Versatility for eCommerce Business Requirements

Yet another great advantage of Facebook video ads is they provide a wide assortment of ad types. This is one feature not available with the other channels, even the paid ones. eCommerce business owners can choose from different ad types like videos, images, stories, carousel, messenger, slideshow, and playable.

Create Branding with Facebook Video Ads

Yet another prolific benefit of Facebook video advertisements is that they cater in the best way to branding. This is because they offer marketers the potential of creating graphic-style, creative and visual advertisements featuring multimedia elements.

Facebook Users Watch Videos Actively

Almost half or more than half of the daily users on Facebook watch videos on a regular basis. The number comes to around 140 million individuals per day. Also, businesses that manage to interest and attract their audiences with interesting videos will definitely get several active discussions and shares.

Low-Cost Way of Showcasing Products and Services

One of the best advantages of Facebook video ads is they are the most affordable way of highlighting the products and services of a company. As the majority of the pay-per-click style advertisements, Facebook ads are available to businesses completely free of cost.

And yes, the Ads Manager tool is also free!

The one and the only cost associated with these ad types is the cost of running the ads and the advertising budget.

Facebook Ads Grab Immediate Attention

The In-Stream advertisements on Facebook target the audience and grab immediate attention. They are specifically beneficial in grabbing attention mainly because they appear for more than a minute.

You can use in-stream advertisements to grab the attention of the viewers in just 3 to 5 seconds.


Facebook video advertisements are fast growing in popularity because of the benefits they offer to the eCommerce businesses. They are widely used as one of the best content marketing tools by companies that do not have a lot of resources, time, and energy to create videos advertisements.


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