How Snowflake Data Marketplace helps Organizations to access the World’s Data?

Snowflake outsourcing
Snowflake outsourcing

When we talk about the cloud, we are really talking about a network of servers, each of which has a specific function or purpose. When any data provider updates his data on the Snowflake cloud marketplace, it becomes accessible to the other organizations and members of Snowflake Data Marketplace. In this article you will learn more about why you should start accessing and transferring your data to the Snowflake data cloud.

In February, Snowflake further improved its platform by enhancing the data cloud that proved to be helpful for customers to benefit from data access, management, sharing, and rich data from around the world.

Snowflake Data Market provides data from 125 external data providers available to data scientists, business intelligence, and analytics professionals as of January 29, 2021. Snowflake Data Cloud’s data is divided into 16 different types of classes, including Demographics, Public Health, Location, Weather and Software as a Service Providers. In February this year, Snowflake made some changes to its data cloud marketplace to make it easier for data providers to update their profiles and also increased the marketplace by adding some new data providers including SEC Reporting Analytics, Acxiom, Sulpetro, CSRHub, Lifesight and Foresquare to the Snowflake data marketplace.

For companies, the shift to Snowflake cloud has usually had important positive implications for economy, security and overall efficiency. The Snowflake cloud enables companies to achieve:

  • Becoming more efficient: The Snowflake data cloud allows every company to access information via the Internet – no matter where they are located or which device they use.
  • Save money: With the Snowflake Data cloud, you no longer need to buy expensive hardware that has to be depreciated over time and with the new changes in the Snowflake data marketplace, it becomes more viable to access the cloud.
  • Increased flexibility: It’s easy to scale according to your current needs and bandwidth, so you get the right amount of computing power no matter the size of your business.
  • Automatic updates: Regular updates in Snowflake data marketplace – including security updates – happen automatically and reduce stress and manual follow-up.
  • Disaster Recovery: Snowflake Cloud-based backup and recovery solutions can be cost effective and extremely useful in an emergency.
  • Stimulating innovation: As we have mentioned, Snowflake Cloud services continuously launch new functionality. In addition, they allow organizations to shift focus from operations to the development of future-oriented areas such as machine learning or AI.

You need to know exactly what you are dealing with and whether your company is equipped to handle it or not. Snowflake outsourcing Cloud services are advanced, scalable and highly flexible – they allow companies to change processes, change thinking and try new things easily and with a zero negative impact to their profile. So the last step is to make sure that you utilize these tools and really use them to improve your business. In the big picture, cloud activation must go hand in hand with a well-defined vision and a modernization of the organizational structure (if necessary). Only then can companies make a successful, profitable transition to the cloud.



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