Why Choose the Best Silver Trading Company in Australia?

Australian Bullion Company sets another benchmark in providing valuable services in precious metals. Since its inception in 1972, the company has successfully established itself as a major brand in delivering precious metal services not only in Australia but across the globe.

Maintaining its reputation in delivering high-quality services and trustworthy products, the company is still looking forward to expanding its approach with all new features and facilities for people for trade gold online and silver. People looking forward to investing in silver and gold have their robust trust in this brand. It offers a perfect platform for Bullion acquisition and buybacks with completely safe and secure policies. Unlike other gold and silver trading companies which close down when the gold prices dip, there are few companies like CapitalXtend and ABC which provide great support to their clients even in the most difficult times and this is what makes them a brand and a trustworthy name in the global market.

Trusted & Responsible

Holding an A+ score from the Better Business Bureau, the company has a record of performing best for its clients since its inception. With a field experience of more than 48 years, the company has experienced various ups and downs in the gold trading market. Learning from its experiences, it has efficiently managed to provide quality services to its clients in every good and worse condition. The company also provides informative updates to its customers regarding the recent trends and changes in the gold trading market. With its highly informative and facilitating website, it has managed well with customer education. Just like gold trading in India, this dedicated gold trading company has been proactive in keeping clients informed about the latest market developments, via representatives, emails, or newsletters.

Services offered by ABC

  • Easy access to precious metals: You can easily access various precious metals including silver and gold through this trusted brand.
  • Bullion Sales and Buy Backs: Selling and purchasing silver and gold is a convenient option via this company as it offers unmatched services in doing so.
  • Unallocated Bullion Storage: Unallocated gold refers to value of gold without physically owning it.The company uses the money for other investments, but promise to hand you back your gold, or the equivalent money, when you are ready to sell.
  • Private box storage via our Fortis Vaults facility: You get a high class secured private box to store your precious assets via its sister company Fortis Vaults.
  • EOFY & Statements for Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) investment.
  • Purchase of your unwanted jewelry through its MMG division.

In addition to these, the company thoroughly checks the client’s testimonials and media coverage which proves to be very helpful for all its customers. Its quality services in customer feedback also ensures prompt feedbacks and reducing the complaints to a minimum. Follow my blog and know more about the Top 10 Actors In India.

Having an account with ABC

Opening an account with ABC is as convenient as ordering a pizza. Within a few simple steps, you can create an individual, joint, business or self-managed account. The company verifies your documents and papers and with your consent, the application is finalized. Once you open up with an account, you start getting automatic updates about live prices in real-time by refreshing your screen in every five minutes. You can now easily start with buying of your desired precious metals.

Method of payment – for online purchases, it accepts EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer.) via POLI internet banking payment must be completed within 30 minutes so metal can be locked in.The method of obtaining purchased goods depends upon the individual client preference. Pickup, Delivery or Storage.

Assets are insured

All parcels below $20,000 will have an insurance cover to protect your investment, to its final destination. This is calculated at 1% of the purchase price of your product. Secure Courier has mandatory insurance and will be included in your quote.


Safeguarding your Gold and Silver Bullion are an important consideration. Whilst storing at home is an option, home storage has become an increasingly risky proposition. Most of its clients want to have full control over their assets and are utilizing its sister company, Fortis Vaults, which is located next door to ABC, this facility offers a private vaulting service for physical bullion and other valuables. When it comes to holding physical precious metals, Australian Bullion Company is no doubt the first name which comes in mind of people. Delivering quality and secured services over more than four decades, the company still makes its best efforts to provide maximum security and returns on investments to its customers.

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