Top 3 Android Spy App to Track Text Messages

Most people who wish to spy on text messages, or those who would like to understand how to read someone’s text messages re, want a spy program that doesn’t require possession of the other telephone. Below, I have listed the best text messages spy apps.


TheWiSpy is a next-generation utility program that can quickly extract and send large amounts of data and activity from any mobile phone, smoothly and quietly, with no telephone anywhere close.

TWS is fast taking over space in the market once occupied by android spy apps that don’t function remotely anymore. TheWiSpy functions!

Utility applications like Norton utilities are used to analyze data and extract malware and other dangerous computer files. TheWiSpy is employed similarly to mobile phones. You can use android spy app to track and extract information and action that is usually concealed on the phone.

How TWS android spy app works:

TheWiSpy download procedure is simple. All you need is to download the link to the phone you would like to track. After the connection is activated (tapped on), the automatic setup begins and within minutes, saved data and action from the telephone uploads to a secure online account. Log in to your account with the user/pass supplied, and you can view all captured files and activity.


Text messages: A specific copy of each text which was sent or received. Deleted texts may also be recovered.

Keylogger: Captures all of the keystrokes executed on the target phone.

Social Media: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter messages articles.

GPS place: The GPS tracking system of TheWiSpy will monitor the phone to over 50 feet of its actual location.

Photos: All photos, brand new, old, and deleted.

Videos: videos are residing on the telephone.

Undetectable: TWS is invisible on the telephone. Data and action are uploaded quietly.

Works with: All Androids.

Highster Mobile

It’s been demonstrated to triumph where the older, more traditional android spy app no longer can. That is Highster Mobile in a nutshell. Incredible technology that is easy to use to the average”. Highster Mobile is still among the very best mobile phone spy programs you may purchase.

  • Highster Mobile has been here since 2007. You cannot go wrong with this program.
  • Text messages: Get tracking services of every text delivered or received (deleted texts could be seen)
  • GPS monitoring: Tracks a phone within a couple of feet of its real location.
  • OTA (over-the-air) link: install the app remotely for quick and easy monitoring.

If you’re trying to find hidden android spy app, Highster Mobile ought to be on the very top of your list. It’s competitively priced, offers many helpful features, has a user-friendly web interface, and is very easy to use, even for beginners. Through the years, the spyware has been improved with remotely and the ability to monitor a phone without having it in your possession. They also choose to “replicate a telephone” that shows you how to create an exact copy of one phone to another. Trendy!

Auto Forward Spy

Whatever option or package you choose, you won’t be let down. Auto Forward delivers everything you’ll need and then some. We tested many different iPhones and Androids. Automobile Forward can extract text messages and iMessage’s (even if they’ve been deleted). Among its many advantages are;

OTA (over-the-air) connection: Enables remote downloading for quick and effortless monitoring of any mobile phone.

Undetectable: The program is invisible on the target telephone. Activity is captured and uploaded quietly.

Text messages: Watch all texts that were delivered or received (even they have been deleted). It includes the date, sender, and total message. 

Calls: Record all incoming and outgoing calls.

Low cost: You get free lifetime upgrades!

Works with: All Android’s and iPhone’s

Employing the OTA (over-the-air) link, you can remotely download the program and monitor the goal phone without having it in your possession. After a remote connection is established, Auto Forward continuously uploads activity from the goal phone to your secure online account.

Everything You Want to Know Before Purchasing

You should have access to this target phone, so you can download and set up the cell text and spy tracker program right onto their phone. Using the OTA link dramatically simplifies and speeds up this procedure. Typically, installation can be carried out in less than a minute.

The phone you’re monitoring determines which version you purchase. Your phone does not matter.

Tracking a cell phone is a critical undertaking and shouldn’t be done illegally. Appropriate consent is always needed. Before attempting to track any cell phone, check with your state and local legislation and national law to ensure you are not breaking any rules.

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