How a Modern Intranet can Make Your Employees Workplace Hero

What are your expectations from software for the best company intranets? You want your company intranet software to offer key features such as document & content management, search capability, information generation, security, integration, social networking, available On-Cloud 24×7 and communication and collaboration. However, some managers tend to stick to the old school methods believing that software for the best company intranets may lead to cluttered file sharing and documents impossible to search. If you choose the right intranet software, you will not get that poor experience. Your employees will also show interest in intranet software. 

Intranet software can play a critical role in your employee’s and company’s success. You need intranet software that transforms your intranet into a modern one. This will be beneficial for your business and workforce. 

Employee Nightmare or Workplace Hero 

Intranets were first introduced as private networks that were accessible within a company. It was a tool to host information for employees. This is the reason why traditional intranet software provides you with basic web content management features. However, web technologies evolved and we moved from static sites to dynamic sites. Modern intranets are much more than that traditional tool. The following stats show why you should choose a modern intranet solution: 

  • Cloud-based intranet software encourages communication and collaboration which increases employee productivity by 20 to 25%. 
  • It improves employee engagement which increases sales by 20%. 
  • A small company loses around $420,000 per year due to poor communication. So, you can save money with a modern intranet solution. If yours is an enterprise-sized company, your savings can be in millions per year. 

If you use your intranet correctly, it can improve employee experience. Employees need relevant information delivered on time to communicate, collaborate and finish their tasks on time. They use different channels such as web or mobile to access information.   

There is a correlation between employee engagement and technology satisfaction. Employees need to access information and collaborate to do their jobs. This is the reason why the most engaged employees are always satisfied with the communication and collaboration tools they use. When more and more businesses are working with remote talents, using cloud-based software for the best intranets has become a necessity. Some of the team members may not see each other face-to-face. Your intranet becomes a key driver for communication, collaboration and culture when you have remote employees. 

What is a modern intranet 

What is special in a modern intranet that makes it better than the traditional, outdated intranet? A modern intranet has a robust technical foundation and it is designed with employees in mind. It has all the key features your company needs. A modern intranet: 

  • Integrates and aggregates tools and applications to empower employees to access relevant information and tools to do their jobs 
  • Targets personalized information according to the role, preferences and locations of employees 
  • Is easy to access and use from any location and using any device
  • Delivers consistent employee communication and drives corporate culture
  • Digitizes manual processes, addresses employee needs to optimize operations 

A modern intranet brings IT, HR, legal and stakeholders from other departments together. To modernize your intranet, you need to find answers to the following questions: 

  • What are the key drivers for employees? 
  • How do you define employee success? 
  • How do you link employee success with the company’s success? 
  • How do your employees conduct their work? 
  • What are the biggest frustrations of your employees? 

Answers to these questions provide you with a foundation that will guide the intranet design, features and functionalities. You will also be able to determine the metrics that will identify areas to be improved and track success.

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