WooCommerce: 15 plugins to create an e-commerce site in Word Press

The creation of an e-commerce site requires the choice of an e-commerce solution very early on. You will thus opt for an open-source or proprietary solution. Among the open-source options, we find in particular Magneto, Prestashop (specialized e-commerce CMS) but also Drupal or WordPress (general CMS). Very popular, WordPress is used by almost 25% of sites worldwide, including many contents and blogging sites. This has the advantage of building up a huge community of users and experts. Some publishers have thus developed modules to transform WordPress into an e-commerce solution.

There are more than 10 modules (plugins in English) to add online sales functionalities to WordPress including:

  • WP ecommerce,
  • Washoe,
  • Market press,
  • Jig shop,
  • WooCommerce (the most famous)

WooCommerce has become the leader in this market by offering a simple and complete solution to create an e-commerce site with Drupal vs WordPress . WooCommerce thus propels more than 2.2 million e-commerce sites around the world (or 18.73%). To help all these customers sell online using their WooCommerce stores, many online service providers also offer connection modules between the WooCommerce powered site and their own online services. Moreover, Lengow has been part of it since April 2014. We offer a free plugin for WooCommerce allowing you to export your products quickly to the Lengow solution in order to distribute your product catalog on external channels.

We offer a list of plugins below to help you get started quickly and well with your new WordPress e-commerce site with WooCommerce:

1 °) Product Add-ons – $ 49- (see here) is a module published by Woo Themes (creator of WooCommerce) allowing your customers to personalize their products using checkboxes or a drop-down menu.

Example: Personalization of a piece of jewelry by engraving before shipping.

2 °) Table Rate Shipping – $ 22- (see here) is an additional module allowing you to define different shipping cost policies, based on the place of shipment, the amount of the order, the weight of the package, etc.

Example: indicate reduced shipping costs beyond X € of order or for overseas departments and territories

3 °) Product of the Day – $ 49- (see here) is another module edited by Woo Themes which allows you to promote one product per day in order to highlight it on your e-commerce site. Example: program a list of featured and different products each day of the week.

4 °) Wholesale Price – $ 22- (see here) is a module allowing you to add a “wholesale price” to your product pages for professional buyers who wish to buy your product en masse in order to resell it. This plugin is particularly interesting if your e-commerce is intended for B2B distribution. Example: indicate the prices including tax to individuals and discounted prices excluding tax for professionals who want to order in batches.

5 °) Order Delivery Date -free- (see here) is a module allowing adding a selector in the form of a calendar. This way, your visitors can choose a later delivery date if they know they will be away from home for a certain period of time. Example: allow a customer to pay now but to be delivered when they return from vacation.

6 °) Google Address Auto complete – $ 12- (see here) is a very simple additional functionality which allows to add the automatic filling of the fields of the address form that the customer must fill in order to validate his order.

7 °) Loyalty Rewards – $ 23- (see here) is a module for WooCommerce allowing you to set up a loyalty operation for your visitors by offering them a variable reward according to the items added to their shopping cart.

8 °) Cart Add-ons – $ 29- : this plugin allows cross-selling and up sell suggestions within your shopping cart. Maud wrote a full article on this subject including the demonstration video of this plugin.

9 °) Dynamic Pricing & Discounts – $ 29- (see here) is a plug-in allowing to set up promotional operations limited in time or incremental reductions according to the quantity of products ordered.

10 °) YITH Zoom Magnifier -free- (see here) allows you to enlarge the visuals produced when the visitor hovers over the photo of one of your articles, as with a magnifying glass.

11 °) Product Gift Wrap -free- (see here) is a module for WooCommerce 2.0+ allowing you to offer a “gift package” option to your customers. this option can be free or paid, as desired.

12 °) Catalog Visibility Options – $ 49- (see here) allows you to configure the visibility of the different purchase options. If necessary, this additional module makes it possible to hide the button “finalize my purchases” if you are not able to process the orders of your e-commerce site within a reasonable time. Example: you go on vacation and know that you will not be able to ship the packages on time.

13 °) Social Coupon – $ 23- (see here) is a very useful plug-in to offer discounts to your visitors in exchange for sharing the product page of their choice on social networks!

14 °) Discount for Likes – $ 11- (see here) is a plugin that allows you to reduce the price of a product from a certain number of Likes on your Face book page. You can define the required number of Likes to grant a certain discount depending on each product. This plugin will help you increase traffic within your WooCommerce store and get more clicks and sales of your products online.

15 °) Smart Sale Badges -free- (see here) allows you to add colored dots to your visuals to materialize their novelty, a promotional price or a special operation in progress.

Bonus: Product SKU Generator -free- (see here) is a SKU number generator for products on your e-commerce site which do not yet have one…If you want to go further in customizing your WordPress e-commerce site, check out 15 other Woo Commerce plugins.

This article is written by the professional marketing team of Full Engine Repair Services by Al Qusais Garage

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