How to choose external Hard Drive ?

Well nowadays there are terabytes and megabytes of data to be store and nowadays computers comes with 1 -2 terabytes of hard disks if the hard drives is magnetic tape based. And if comes with SSD then it will be around 512 GB to 1 TB of SSD that generally comes with SSD based computers. 

Now how to choose the hard disk, SSD or magnetic tape based this is a daunting task to do. To simplify this and to choose the best product that comes with security and back up system we have selected few hard disk choosing from various companies and models available in the market. 

We have collected few external hard drive that are great and maximum people loves this drives. And also they come with a great discount on this upcoming Black Friday sale 2020. The Website Blackfridayupdates offers multiple reviews of products especially targeting those with great discounts on Black Friday. keep you always updated with latest products details and news. 

Difference between SSD and HDD :

There is a great difference between magnetic tape based traditional hard drives and newer solid state drives which are comparatively faster ones. The traditional hard drives are based on magnetic tape which used to store datas and shows you while necessary they generally offers speed of around 130 MB/s while SSD’s are made of integrated circuit that offers hige read and write speed. Generally they can offers you speed of around 1000 MB/s. 

Nowdays this external hard drives can be connected through USB 3.0 and USB 3.0 port and also supports auto backup that enables your files to store securely even you mistakenly deletes your file. 

External hard disks are also pocket friendly and small in size that you can easily carry around in your pockets. So you can have a compact size and large memory in your pocket. You just need to connect this with your computer and this drives are ready to operate. 

SSD’s generally comes max of 3 TB as external storage size but if you need a external storage of around 10 TB’s then you need to go for traditional tape based external harddisks they are also compact in size but they comes with large storage size. So according to your needs you can go for magnetic tape based hard disks or Solid state drives. Now as technology evolves this SSd also comes with two different technology. One is NAND based and another NAND 3.0 based. NAND 3.0 offers slight higher speed that that of NAND based solid state drives. Now choose according to your budget and requirements. NAND 3.0 are slight higher prices than NAND based Solid state drives and Solid state Drives are higher priced that magnetic tape based hard drives. 

If you want to store large amount of data then you should go for external hard drive and if you use low amount of data then your computer’s memory alone is sufficient and enough but if you work with large amount of data then you must go for an external hard disk. before purchasing one for yourself go through the website’s review and decide the best for yourself. 

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